Heroes returning to NBC in 2015

News Louisa Mellor 23 Feb 2014 - 09:15

NBC will air a 13-episode Heroes miniseries entitled Heroes Reborn in 2015...

If you wished for a Heroes revival when you blew out the candles on your last birthday cake, then well done you, it's happening. NBC has announced thirteen brand new episodes of the Tim Kring-created superpowered series are due to air as an 'event miniseries' in 2015.

Kring is back in the producer's seat for revived series, Heroes Reborn, which is being sold as a standalone story arc in the pattern of Fox's soon-to-air 24: Live Another Day resurrection. A digital series will launch prior to the Heroes Reborn premiere to introduce the new plotlines and characters, we're told.

NBC Entertainment President Jenny Salke's peppy official statement looks forward to "all the new textures and layers Tim plans to add to his original concept" and "won't rule out the possibility of some of the show's original cast members popping back in." Er, hooray?

Here's the very first teaser for Heroes Reborn. It's not giving much away:


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i can't wait the first two seasons were the best the third was ok and fourth was just aweful

I'm still on the fence on this. 1 was great, 2 got done over by the WGA, 3 was a mess and I don't even know about 4 'cause I gave up on it. Hoping this is season 1 levels, not 3-4.

The third was the bad one. the fourth was decent if a bit messy.

Well I'm excited even if DoG isn't.

i liked the third season and i gave up on the fourth one

Watch season 4, seriously. It's brilliant.

O.M.G. Yes! The years away and a refreshed cast and a less bloated run are exactly what Heroes needed. I just hope Robert Knepper's character returns!

Cautious optimism. That's where my head is.

Has swearing been completely banned now? I used a very bad 4 letter word - the 3rd worst one (the one for bodily waste that comes from the bum) - in the context of 'lose my mind if they announced more LOST'.

I didn't think it was particularly offensive other than the fact it used a naughty word (a word occasionally used in some articles on the site. Not often, but occasionally). Now, if swearing is completely banned and my post will not be allowed due to site rules, please state that rather than providing a message that my comment is 'awaiting moderation' so that I could edit the very offensive naughty word that can be used to describe poo for something else - in this case 'mind'. Or you could just star out the 'hit' letters of the word, simply leaving an 's' with 3 stars afterwards - but this might offend many, many patrons of the site.

Ps. Heroes. 24. Arrested Development. What's next? Prison Break or LOST? I would lose my MIND if they announced more LOST.

I'm looking forward to this, but it probably won't have many (if any) of the original characters since most of them have gone on to bigger and better things.

Also, how is the 'S' word more offensive than a link above to 'The best views the internet has to offer', a link to lots of pictures of cleavage? Oh, wait - advertising revenue. Silly me. Your customers don't swear, but they do like lady-breasts.

Like who? Zachary Quinto and.....

(It's a shame , he's the best character by far on Heroes, but he won't be back).

I never understood the love for heroes. It always struck me as a show that had two ideas at the very start but then had no idea where it could go. The first idea was 'people with powers' and the second was 'save the cheerleader save the world' which I don't actually remember being true. I remember lots of people saying it over and over like it was a cool, intriguing or profound but I'm pretty sure her power was what Sylar wanted so they got her away from him and Hiro stopped him by running at him and stabbing him (a move that I'm pretty sure he could have done without months of training in a time bubble, seriously, that was pure padding). It never made sense to me and the ending of the 'great' first season (that suffered tremendously from being over long) was such an anti climax. Every character that had the slightest relationship with another character turned out to have powers and everyone was going backwards and forwards in time and it always just seemed like they were making it up as they went along with no consideration for the long term implications of their ideas.

That's not to mention that it was called heroes but was mainly made up of, at best, anti-heroes and erghhhhhh. It was a bad show that took itself way too seriously but I suppose it gave people who like to think they're above superhero stuff something they could say 'Yeah I don't mind that because it's more realistic.' even though it wasn't. I wonder if the tone will be different in a post MCU world, because god knows that show needed some humour to counter the always moribund tone. Anyway, bottom line is not only did I not like this show, but I legitimately believe it was a badly written mess from the get go and didn't deserve anywhere near the attention it got. I think it's rather rapid fall from hot new show to cancellation reflects that.

Sylar's story is totally done, it would be a massive mistake to bring him back even if it were an option.

The Heroes story is done to be fair.

I could have worded my comment better, I don't think they need him back and think there will only be a handful of returning characters (I'd be surprised if they didn't get Hiro back). I was more just expressing my love of the Sylar character rather than implying they should bring him back.

A chance to right the wrongs. I welcome heroes returning

I'll give it a miss thankyou. I'm still finding it hard to wake up after watching the last lot.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ultimately Heroes had 1 good season. They obviously had strong ideas for the first series but nothing after that. Yes they wanted to do the virus and "everyone gets powers" but ha no idea how to do it.
They also had no idea where to take the character's after s1. Each character personality changed on a weekly basis for no reason. And the 3 "main" characters became to powerful in series one, so ah to have their powers removed. Sylar, Peter, Hero were the an favourites and ha their characters ruined by their story arcs.
The big bads and the threats diminished as well. They never explained why everyone getting powers was that big a deal (it just seemed selfish). Adam was an interesting bad guy but was quickly bumped off for Peters father, who was just dire!
Lets hope if it s back they've leant from their lessons. Hopefully new cast as well. They old characters have had their stories told.

Most of those are open to continuing their stories, but think LOST has wrapped up its story and is best left as it is. It reached its natural conclusion.

I'm not so sure. It's an island that moves through time. Could have others getting to the island for whatever reason, potentially set long after Hurleys time has come.

Pipe dream, I know, but I really miss LOST!

2 seasons of goodness... hope this captures me like the first two did.

I really hope they do it right this time. The final series bought a little mojo with it, but if they bring Peter back then I hope they can get him back to how he was - seeing a decent man come to terms with his gifts formed the heart of the show, and turning him into a moronic shadow of his former self was just depressing.

Hiro is the other one whose story I think was wrapped up perfectly. I'd take Tracey, Mohinder, Samuel, and the deaf character from season 4 and bring back Maya primarily, other than that I don't see much necessity to be stuck in the past.

New characters, new story... Well technically it's a spin off, not a new season.

Let it die. Heroes was interesting till they ripped off Watchmen, and who knows what else other comic work that had been done far better on the printed page. Sylar was the only worthwhile character in that entire show, filled with boring, whiny individuals. It's not a good sign for a show not to be Dexter, and have me root for the serial killer.

I know what happens basically (the creep off Prison Break being geokinetic and trying to do something by convincing heroes to join him because the more followers he has the more powerful he is, and Clare coming out to the world). Just never watched it because I didn't care for 3 and frankly the BBC had given up on it as well (advertised it very little and kept mucking about with the timeslot).

If it picks up after that business with Clare then this could be interesting but I'm waiting on more info before deciding anything.

The awaiting moderation may be annoying, but at least you know it may not show up. I've had multiple comments disappear altoether after apparently being posted. Although I think at least a few of them may have been flagged by people who didn't like or agree with the content because none of them contained any profanity.

I'll be honest, I still expected it to show up. It wasn't offensive, it was 'colourful'. It wasn't aimed at anyone and was actually being enthusiastic.

I can understand DoG bringing out the PC brigade every 5 minutes to cater to a wide audience, but they often forget that a passionate section of their fan base are being neglected.

Now I'm not going on an 'Aintitcool' talkback rant here. I'm not insulting other contributors or the team behind the site, although I am questioning their methods - particularly as (already mentioned) a small amount of their published articles use the same language. Much worse, there was a link in this very article to pictures of young women who had photos of their cleavage taken without their consent and published online so that the same audience DoG are 'protecting' can still have sexist articles thrust upon them so DoG get that small advertising revenue - ironically most likely to be clicked by young boys and without a thought for the female readers of the site. I'm not saying DoG choose the links - I assume they have articles linked in bulk, but if they want to be so politically correct with the audience that supports them so much, maybe they should also look at the partners they associate themselves with.

I just told my dad that Heroes was coming back and he simply said "Why?" I think that sums up what the majority of people will think after the car crash that was seasons 2-4

The thing is, I don't think DoG is in charge of their comments. The Disqus system exists across many sites and seems to link between them. I know I get notifications here for replies from other sites I have commented on, for example. Going by that, I think that it is Disqus themselves who control the level of censorship involved and they may be heavy handed because the system may be used on more "family friendly" sites.

Not that I'm saying it's a good thing. I find it really annoying myslef, but it's still an explanation, I guess.

Don't think that's the case. Again, see aintitcool. Vicious place to comment. 90% of comments contain swearing, it's racist, sexist, and any viewpoint given WILL be aggressively argued by someone else and that's a Disqus site.

I don't want that here, but I also don't want to be censored to the point of not being able to use language that is acceptable when used in the right tone. It's ridiculous to do the equivalent of pointing your fingers in your ears and going "LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU COS U SWORE IM TELLING TEACHER".

Would I swear in front of external parties at work when discussing contracts? Of course not. Would I swear in front of my manager when expressing myself in a closed environment providing it was used as an insult? Eg. I went home sick this week, told my manager I feel like X (the word i can't post here), so he told me to go home.

The only places in the world that uniformly frown on swearing regardless of context are religious institutions, schools and politically correct internet forums. I am not a child and do not believe in a concept of hell, particularly based on the notion of certain words apparently offending others (although I draw a line at racist language for different reasons). As such, I do not appreciate being treated like a child.

DoG, if I attack someone please feel free to moderate me, but please do not censor me or my peers for using language used by the majority of your audience every day.

Zachary Quinto, Hayden Panettiere, Grun Grunberg, Ali Larter, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Milo Ventimiglia have all had post-Heroes successful careers, many in other TV series. Even if these people were available for the series, they would all be much more expensive.

Successful to the extent they have been in other things, but none to the acclaim that Heroes had. I agree about Quinto, and while I enjoyed 'Big Ass Spider', it's hardly showed Grunberg as a big time player. Ventimiglia appeared in the dreadful Pathology, and I can't think of anything else he has done. Ali Larter has never done anything more noteworthy than Final Destination. I seriously doubt that the majority wouldn't jump at the chance to return. Yes, they may ask for more money simply because they are recurring characters but I doubt they would have much lovage as none would be essential to the plot.

Heroes: The Next Generation?
Is anyone else besides Tim Kring looking forward to this?

Fair point. I'm unfamiliar with aintitcool beyond knowing it exists, so I was unaware they used the Disqus system. I know the other sites I have used it on all feature similar moderation, though. Maybe it's a case of the moderation is on by default and needs to be opted out. Either way I agree it is a bit silly that the articles feature "profane language" when the comments are moderated for it.

I can't imagine the show without Sylar as the villain so this will be interesting.

I've still got PTSD/cold sweat from Volume 3 Villains being so bad and jarringly different from what had come before. Volumes 4 and 5 were boring and came to over rely on one particular character who was only supposed to be the big bad for the first season.

I think I gave up in the end. It was such an incredible show when it started, and then it lost its way. I only remember it as being a wasted opportunity, and can't recall many shows that were initially as fantastic, but then went downhill so drastically. Perhaps Dexter would be another example...

Is this a tentative enquiry by them to see if it'll get popular because of all the superhero tv series that are going on??
I hope to god it doesn't. he first series was good but it got really boring after that, IMHO.

I was super excited before the original premiered. How do you screw up a story about being developing awesome super powers? Well, just have to watch the show to find out. I stopped watching after the first season. As Rob Grundy pointed out it was sloppy and anti-climactic during/ending season 1. I felt no need to bother with season 2-4. I never did figure out who was supposed to be a hero either.

I wanna know if it will air over here on BBC2 and 3 again or on another channel anyway great new loves I loved the series and can not wait to see this if I do

I think Lost was dragged out beyond it's natural conclusion. Leave it be, the finale was awful!

Hayden Panettiere has done alright for herself. A sub-par Scream movie and a few commercials...

And the made for tv Amanda Knox movie. Don't forget that.

Oh yeah. I think she was also in that country and western show with the chick off the first series of American Horror Story. Busy busy!

You nailed it. I want the show definitely back. Bring the old characters and the flair of the first tow seasons and it will be awesome.

always enjoyed Heroes, even when it lost its way. look forward to seeing what they come up with, i think after 4 years Tim Kring or whoever is in charge obviously has a plan sufficient to make the network revive the show. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

(I can dream.)

If I remember correctly, the island itself never moved through time. People on the island did.

I loved the show in season 1 and even still enjoy season 2. But i don't see why they're bringing it back. I'd love to have the show end on a high note but it would have to be a damn good miniseries to make that happen after the total disaster of season 3 and 4

Good god no! Why do they keep throwing money at this garbage?!? Yes, the first series was brilliant, but then Kring proved he was all foreplay with no follow through; all his great teases and mysteries had no plan or resolution. And then he just started hammering on the reset button when the plates started to fall, which presuambly is exactly what this is too....

it is Heroes Reborn not Heroes The next generation.. urpo..

I think Dexter's 2nd season was strong enough that Heroes is still the best example of the downhill slope.

Kring's agent.

Unless the Purgatory thing was a trick and actually is was all something else....

Sylar was cool - apart from that whole 'was he Peter's brother' awful sub plot... shudder

I would hope that a mini-series would mean some tighter and better scripting. Here's hoping for something like season 1.

Don't watch the new series?

yes, as a woman I find the adverts very close to the knuckle sometimes, and I don't really want my son, who is 10 and loves his sci fi, who often wants to read the articles himself, to be subjected to almost pornographic shots of wobbling mammaries..

I just laughed out loud in the office!

Did the cast of Heroes make a promo of with them singing "We're So Sorry"? Maybe it's not the greatest idea in the world to bring this universe back.

It is clearly a play for all that "geek money" that execs are no doubt scrambling for, without realising just how harsh a critic a geek can be.
It is very very easy to write a whole bunch of mysteries and give people awesome powers. It is a damn site harder to make you care about them, develop a decent plot and deliver a coherent story.

Wonder if it will have Mohinder giving a pompous speech at the start of each episode?

I think it will work better now than it did in the last few season purely because it's going to be a mini run and not a full fun. That and they know what went wrong with the last version that they know what to avoid. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

As far as I can remember, they tried to sell the fourth season beforehand with a protracted 'Will Clare kiss ...*duh duh duh*... another woman?!' which seemed a strange way to sell a season where a man with superpowers collapses a town into a hole and then has his carnival teleported away. But what do I know, I am but a viewer. Incidentally, I did actually quite enjoy it as a series - even if it did drift listlessly for several episodes at a time it often made finding where the BBC's put-it-on/hidden-it this week worthwhile..

Probably shows I shouldn't swear though.....

Also, wobbling mammaries is the best combination of words iv seen in weeks

Alphas was much better

I didn't mean the second season of Dexter, but I think after the Trinity killer season, it went way downhill (season 4, perhaps?)

Never once said I would.

Funny but ive just been re-watching season one and two, and actually watching them without the weekly breaks but all in big chunks they were really good. Very enjoyable and im glad its coming back....hopefully without Robert Knepper though. And for all those crying out for Firefly to return, good god it was an awful show!

I have had to move my series one box set to the back of my book shelf lest I feel saddened by its constant reminder of a show that really excited me with its possibilities so rapidly turning into utter dreck. I actually have difficulty remembering what happened in the later series, I just wanted it to end with some kind of resolution, which of course it didn't. Compared to the goose bumps I felt at the end of that first episode (still the best premiere I've seen for a show in many years), the end was a long way to fall and it managed to do so in a way that meant none of the characters made any sense anymore and the audience (or me at least) ceased to care about them. Others below have mentioned Dexter as an equivalent fall from grace. I'd agree (post season 4) and would add (in a somewhat different genre) My Name is Earl. That first season was fantastic, sadly by the time it ended I think everyone had forgotten what the basis premise even was (the time spent in prison was particularly awful). Oh, that reminds me, Prison Break would also have to feature on any such list (at least after season 2).
Maybe there's a follow-up article here - what shows most rapidly descended from potential brilliance to unwatchable trash (with bonus points for somehow fooling us into still tuning in, knowing we would be disappointed)?

New characters would be good, but some of the old characters might pop up somewhere

Or as I like to put it, GET THE F*CK IN!!!

Seasons 2-4 had an amazing first series to live up to, that didn't make them crap.

why, thank you! I do try.. lol

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