Microsoft to revive Heroes TV series?

News Aaron Birch 18 Apr 2013 - 07:38

Rumours are circulating about a possible Heroes resurrection, courtesy of Microsoft and the Xbox...

It was once one of the biggest things on TV, but despite a strong first series, NBC's Heroes quickly lost steam, and after being affected by the writer's strike, and losing uber-talented consulting writer and producer, Bryan Fuller (who returned later, but couldn't save the series), it never really got back on track, despite a big effort and the backing of loyal fans.

Strong characters were wasted, poor decisions were made, and many fans simply lost faith. After four runs, the series saw its end in February 2010, with plenty of original viewers never even seeing the finale.

Well, those that did stick with the series may be in for a surprise if the latest rumours are true. According to a report on entertainment blog, TVLine, Microsoft is currently in preliminary talks with NBC to bring back the series as part of the Xbox Original Content video project.

If successful, the new series, which would be available via the Xbox, would introduce new characters and a whole new storyline, with cameo appearances from some of the original series' cast.

Microsoft hired ex-NBC Development Executive Jada Miranda earlier in the year to oversee the new Xbox entertainment section, so it's not that hard to believe that a Heroes return is possible. We'll bring you more news as we get it.


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One of the worst shows i've ever had the misfortune of watching, I mean it's really takes a talent vacuum to make a show about superheroes tedious - yet this show pulled it of with ever single minute!

"Save the cheerleader, save the world' - oh ahhaha

Really loved the first series of Heroes and stuck it out all the way to the end which slightly redeemed itself. Not really looking for it to come back. I really dont see the appeal of bringing it back!?

Couldn't agree more.
The thing is, I'm the type of person to watch something out till the end. And for instance, Dexter is a good example even though I really don't care that much about it any more.
But Heroes... ah man that was a travesty. I actually forgot all about it one day, and then a couple of years later I asked "wait, what happened to Heroes?" That's how bad Heroes became. They tried repeating the storyline ffs with the relaunch of the company.. that was when I stopped watching.

Utterly pointless.

I think the major issue with Heroes was that the show evolved completely beyond what the initial creators had intended. As I understand, the show was supposed to feature a revolving door of one and two-off episodes of new people finding powers that occasionally crossed paths, and not be brought up again (which was the first few episodes during the first season), however since some of the characters becoming enormously popular, the show was restructured to create an ongoing storyline. Basically, the writers were coming up with new ideas as they were filming without any end game or overarching plot mapped out and resulted in a convoluted and inconsistent storyline (at least they got THAT aspect of serial super hero comic storylines right lol).

Well, ^&%$ Microsoft and #$%^ Heroes!

Heroes Season 1 was excellent. One of the best debut seasons of a tv show than I can remember. Sadly, it slowly went off the rails after that. The writers completely lost their way.

I'd be up for it, especially if they put some real thought into the show this time. Season 1 was utterly superb, with later series having good, but poorly executed, ideas and characters. I'd actually like to see them bring back Peter, restored to former glory. Watching his character growth through season 1 made the show for me, with each season's subsequent attempt to reduce his character pretty damn galling.

Season 4 was actually pretty nicely put together, I loved the carnival idea, but the ending was so poor I almost wept.

So yeah, I don't think I could take another massive disappointment but I'd be on-side with a return to Heroes, risk be damned.

Couldn't agree more. Season 1 was planned and was mostly great while the rest of the show desperately tried to find something for their characters to do after they had "saved the world". Each season was ment to be about the problem not the cast. Kring basically admitted during the writers strike in Season 2 that he was bored with the characters. I still loved Heroes thou I can't see myself buying an X-box to watch a return. Hope it appears on other media if it returns.

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