Fox cancels Egypt-set series, Hieroglyph, before it airs

News Louisa Mellor 1 Jul 2014 - 06:45

Fox has pulled the plug on new Egyptian-set historical fantasy adventure series, Hieroglyph, before an episode has aired...

What a blow it must be for your show to successfully jump the many obstacles between conception and commission, and then fall at the last hurdle before a single episode has aired. That's the fate of Hieroglyph, the Egyptian-set fantasy adventure series written by Pacific Rim's Travis Beacham.

Following the pilot, twelve remaining episodes of Hieroglyph were due to be filmed later this year. That won't be the case now, as Fox has pulled the plug on the new scripts, which, according the The Hollywood Reporter, "weren't meeting a certain level creatively".

The series would have told the story of a notorious thief in ancient Egypt who comes to serve in the Pharoah's palace, "where fantasy and reality intertwined". Intended cast-members included Reece Ritchie, Max Brown, Condola Rashad, John Rhys-Davies and more. 

You can see the series trailer below, but unless another network or streaming service arrives to rescue this one, that's your lot...

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Awesome! Considering it's by the writer of Clash of the Titans and Pacific Rim and the awful trailer I'm it would've sucked big time.

it did look well…awful

Fox ........... the scripts "weren't meeting a certain level creatively" ............ huh, well you just couldn't write a better gag if you tried really.

So Fox, what's your excuse for killing Firefly, The Tick, Tru Calling, Profit, Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc. etc.

It does look really bad - "If you open the door, something will come out". Terrible line!! Plus an ancient Egypt-set series would have been a good opportunity to get more African faces on television, but I see they went with some pasty white guy in the lead. Add in the usual amounts of pointless female nudity that apparently define a "grown-up" programme nowadays and so far, so predictable.

But Fox are still a-holes.

That's a shame, I hear Fox already had a sexy brunette designed to appeal to teenage boys already cast as a replacement for John Rhys-Davies in season two...

Low IQs?

This is kind off disappointing. It looked better than BBC's Atlantis. With this cancelled is there any word of Fox going further with that League of Extra-ordinary Gentlemen? With The Avengers and Penny Dreadful showing how it can be done, it might be a good show.

NOT THE SIMPSONS seems to be the main reason.

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