Haven season 4 episode 7 review: Lay Me Down

Review Rachael Kates 29 Oct 2013 - 06:59

Nathan and Audrey's relationship moves up a level in this week's eventful Haven. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

4.7 Lay Me Down

This week’s episode of Haven finally delivered on oh, so many things. Not least of all was a Trouble that was actually relevant to the emotional plot! It was great to see Kandyse McClure cameo as the Troubled dreamer who was comfortable with her Trouble - even if it had been mutated somehow. The dreams she brought forth couldn’t have been more perfect. For Duke, we got the dire warning not to trust Wade (duh.) That all comes to a head after Duke finds Wade’s garden of corpses. Wade’s lust for Troubled blood has him attack Jennifer when she goes to assist him, assaulting her in a manner that is borderline sexual - pinning her, whispering in her ear about needing a taste, threatening to kill her then licking her - and basically being a textbook case of How Sexual Assault Is Typically Committed By Someone You Know. I would’ve perferred it if that assault hadn’t been the reason for Duke being forced to kill Wade as man killing fellow man in defence of woman is a tired and sexist cliche, but Jennifer’s reaction to the assault was spot on as many a survivor could attest.

For Nathan’s dreams… We know some of his kinks now, that’s for sure. More importantly, we were presented with his inner termoil over his love for Audrey with the multiple choice quiz asking Who Do You Love? Sara, Audrey, Lexie, None of the above? Given Nathan’s reaction to Sarah (impregnating her), Lexie (reviling her), and Audrey (loving longingly about 2 feet away from her) that one scene says a lot - particularly when it comes to the last scene of the episode when finally, finally, finally Audrey and Nathan talk out those love/lust/longing feelings we’ve been watching them boil in for four seasons. Audrey brings up valid protests about Sarah and how she has her own issues just knowing who she is, thanks very much. All of it were things which quite frankly Nathan needed to hear. So I agreed with her when she kicked him out because they can’t be “Audrey and Nathan.”

However, the identities were all separate entities including Lexie prior to her leap from the bar(n) and Duke was the only one she had explained the Dollhouse-esque integration to so far. This conversation in Audrey’s apartment is the first time I recall her talking about all three (four if you count Lucy who didn’t come up) versions of herself when talking Nathan.

They’re not, though. When he came back, he said “I don’t care who you are or what you are, I love you.” Which could be seen as a line. Yet if you look at in the context of the episode, the  Sarah/Lexie/integrated-personality-issue conversation and the questioning in his dream, it’s anything but. Those words are Nathan's Nathan-y way of saying "Okay if Sarah is you then Lexie is you then they're all you and I love all of them because I love you.” Ugh. Then he kissed her, she kissed back and thank God for that. I’m surprised she didn’t tackle him to the ground and take him on the floor of their office when he called her “Parker.” No, this had them grasping for each other and grasping for each other, even knowing that their problems with Haven and with each other weren’t fixed which is even better for me. In fact, It’s about all I can handle.

Yes, there’s more with Cherno Alpha brawler and his ratfaced friend in the woods stalking the couple and leaving invisible handprints on Troubled people. Duke is being an idiot and is going to hide that his Trouble has been eradicated via fratricide but I lost the thread when Nathan picked Audrey up and then backed her onto table for better kissing access and angling. To quote the eternal wisdom of Jayne Cobb - I’ll be in my bunk.  I’ll talk to you next week.

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Strictly speaking, Nathan never actually knew Lexie. The person he reviled was a Lexie made as vile as Audrey could manage. I liked that it showed how well she understood Nathan. She knew exactly what buttons to push to repel him.

nice the way that the "ice truck killer" put the bodies on a boat rapped in plastic and dumped into the water. Bit of throw back to Dexter there do you think

I agree with IngaMorgan, and I don't think Audrey even knows what she wants. At the beginning of the episode she's angry at Nathan for not liking Lexie, then at the end she's angry at Nathan for being attracted to Sara...I think it's just a really confusing situation, add to it the whole "kill me" thing, and they're both hurt and confused. Nothing anyone does is the "right" thing, except when Nathan tells her he loves her.

Dang that's the quickest serial killer death I've ever seen - he starts killing one week and gets killed the next (damn Jordan for telling him about his family trouble I'm not sad she is gone - but he seemed to me to be a bit of an alcoholic from previous episodes so I'm not sup prised he couldn't control his addiction to the buzz troubled blood gave him.) Made my skin crawl when he licked the cut he made on Jennifer's neck.

Loved Nathan's dream sequence cos the guy's got a nice body on him and a kinky side lol.

Mostly spot on with the review but why did you ignore the part of the episode where it was relieved that Jennifer's adoption was handled by Agent Howard? Not enough info on it I suppose.

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