Haven season 3 episode 3 review: Bad Blood

Review Rachael Kates
30 Sep 2013 - 07:09

Rachael salutes Haven heading back in the right direction. Here's her review of Bad Blood...

This review contains spoilers.

3.3 Bad Blood

Progress! Finally! It only took three episodes, but at least we're getting somewhere and not chasing our tails around and around the same three Haven-y points over and over.

Audrey/Lexie is still in the barn. That is great. I kind of hoped it was all a hallucination but at this point I wasn’t willing to give the show that much credit but lo, they did. They made it all in the barn which “has had many names.” What does that even mean? No, seriously. What’s that mean? I want more answers there. That was some Stephen King, handwavey BS right there because what else could it have possibly been?

Let us look at what this new development means for the show. Upside: Audrey/Lexie is going to come out somewhere soon - yay! Downsides: I now trust William even less than I did before - which is saying something as I didn’t trust him much to begin with - and our rugged Jaeger pilot guest star most likely will not be returning which gives me a bit of the sads. Ah well. If it gets our hero back to Haven I can deal with almost anything.

Speaking of Haven, man, Jennifer is right that “Everything is mad at Nathan” and it’s starting to get old. I understand that we’re going to be playing the same song all season but can we at least move on to a new verse? One that doesn’t involve semi-sentient blood pools because oh my God, that was some terrible CGI work, guys. Just, really not good. What happened? Did Sharktopus and Sharknado drain all your resources? Those projects did seem awful costly.

I find it harder and harder to give a crap about the actual Troubled cases in Haven - except for the lolz provided by the blood puddle today - because everything with a linear story is so much more interesting than the procedural stuff. Nathan and Duke’s bond seeming to strengthen as the season progresses when before they were always waffling between detente and nuclear meltdown? That’s interesting. Duke is coming to Nathan’s defense against the constant barrage of verbal (and physical) attacks and this episode’s no different. The whole thing has that “I can be mean to him, because he’s mine, but if you do it? I will cut you like a knife,” brotherly sentiment to it.

Speaking of knives, Duke is not too keen on Jennifer finding out about his magical trouble killing knife set and what Jordan dubbed his “evil blood sponge” power. Can you blame him though? Letting a girl you have the hots for know that your power makes her blood feel like heroin is only attractive in the Twilight books. That trait only has appeal there because Bella Swan is an insipid, idiotic child with no sense of self-preservation. So even though his Trouble of Troubles saves the day with the blood blob, it doesn’t change the fact that Duke behaved out of character by hiding from Jennifer. That’s kind of a big deal. I like them together.

Now we can talk about Jordan. I wasn’t ready to last week because it seemed like she was falling rapidly into the hole of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” I wanted to save the epic rant for when I could’ve had for more concrete proof of that. This week, the show turned it around and gave us a Jordan whose motives have nothing to do with Nathan or Haven or anyone but herself. She’s tired, isolated, at the end of her rope and borderline suicidal. Considering her trouble and how much she wanted to be free, we can understand that. It makes her a far more compelling and complex character than just another girl who can’t get over a guy who hurt her feelings.

My absolute favorite thing about this episode? Vince and Dave Teague at the morgue. Oh, Teague brothers. After weeks and months of them at odds, we finally got to see them brought back together into the solid unit I’ve adored since the pilot. Dave offered his brother support and Vince took it, leaned on the love and help that was offered. Call me a cock-eyed optimist but that, more than anything, made me feel like Haven is headed back in the right direction. 

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