Haven season 4 episode 2 review: Survivors

Review Rachael Kates
23 Sep 2013 - 07:08

Haven lets down viewers with its portrayal of mental illness in this week's episode. Here's Rachael's review of Survivors...

This review contains spoilers.

4.2 Survivors

Haven is still a disaster. Jennifer Mason gets to meet the Teagues and, wonder of wonders, learn a little bit about the back story of Duke and Nathan. Eee! Duke and Nathan - my boys, they are taking care of each other. Well, no, Duke is taking care of Nathan who is about as self-reliant as a goldfish. Honestly sweetie, you are just big ole bucket of fail right now, you poor sad panda. The only person on TV at the moment who seem to be as mournful as Nathan is maybe Derek Hale over on Teen Wolf but at least Nathan doesn’t feel it when things happen like getting lit on fire from the inside. Yeah. Thats our trouble for this week. Because why not have a fireman who immolates people? Where would the poetry be if an ice cream truck guy were the one doing it? Exactly.

I’m not going go into Jordan and Dwight and the Guard in this review. Its a reactionary piece obviously but I’m reserving judgement. It’s a new thing I’m trying out but if you watched it you know that things aren’t going well for Jordan and if you’re familiar with my articles, you can probably guess why I’m giving it some time before I voice any set opinions on her character and situation. I will say that she’s not making things any easier, quelle surprise.

Meanwhile, William is still going around and around and oh my god, enough. Okay? Enough. I actually like Lexie DeWitt but that is because Emily Rose is a good actress. She can put on Sarah, Lucy, Audrey or Lexie and make me care about her and believe her because Emily is talented. She knows how to act and how to get my attention. She’s not who I’m concerned about here as I know my TV and something will happen somehow that brings her around to where we need her, i.e. back in Haven handling her business and dealing with the accelerated breakdown of the town. So whatever. I’m cool with Lexie figuring it out for herself, am enjoying a new side of her even, but oh my god William. Enough with the cryptic  mumbo-jumbo. By the time the taller, now less blond, half Jaeger Team Cherno Alpha and his little Wormtongue-esque bro from last week arrived all puffed up and looking to start problems I was over it. The whole shlemiel was a rehash of last week, unnecessary and boring. The only thing good about it was that it gave Lexie a chance to assert herself, as Lexie rather than Audrey with her “Take your gun parts and leave.” That wasn’t Audrey. That was all barmaid and I adored it. Of course her putting together those gun parts and using it to fire off a warning shot in under ten seconds? That was Audrey. Now if William could just do… whatever he’s there to do and get on with it things would be great.

At the Grey Gull I feel there are two things worth noting. First, Wade Crocker. Oh, Crockers. You are the worst at interpersonal relationships, aren’t you? Lest we forget that before she was gunned down, Duke was also divorced, Wade’s running from his ex-wife and apparently Papa Crocker made their lives into a Tennessee Williams play, all sibling rivalry and competition. I love Christian Carmago as a over-enthusiastic older brother and have since he first used that enthusiasm to chop prostiute parts and leave them around Miami like puzzle pieces for baby brother on Dexter so I’m looking forward to see where those particular family ties knot up.

On the other hand, I very very unhappy that Jennifer threw out her meds. Her intentions made perfect sense but are you kidding me? It sets a really ugly example made worse by the way that Duke practically told her to from the first commercial break. I hate this new development so much it… flames. Flames. Flames on the side of my face… breathing heaving breaths… as she threw her pills into the water. Yes, you saw it here - I just became Madeline Kahn in Clue I was so upset. That whole line of dialogue about “At least I’m not crazy.” and “Troubled we can fix.” I wish I had a rolled-up newspaper so I could smack every writer involved in that conversation on the nose like the bad puppies they were for writing that.

Honestly, I dare the writers to spend one-on-one time time with a schizo-affected person once, ever, in their life and then look at this scene again without feeling like pond scum. I dare them. One episode ago Jennifer’s character was part of the solution - socially - in the massive stigma that exists around mental illness and in one scene later she and Duke both are part of the problem again. Ugh. Hopefully we’ll move forward with some actual plot next week until then, I’m going to call this review done and go take a shower because that last scene left me feeling, as I said, scummy. 

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