Haven season 3 episode 7 review: Magic Hour Part 1

Review Rachael Kates
5 Nov 2012 - 09:10

This week's Haven serves up a sizeable plot twist and a cliffhanger. Here's Rachael's review...

This review contains spoilers.

3.7 Magic Hour Part 1

My personal prayer before I started watching this week: please Lord let things get better because this show is killing me. And lo, my prayers were ignored because things continue to spiral into a place of confusion, frustration and despair. That said, this episode was a return to form for Haven at least in quality of content if not of emotion, with bonus Claudia Black.

Audrey heads off to Colorado after James Cogan with an incredibly supportive Duke while Nathan stays behind to run the proverbial farm. I don't generally like it when the trio is split up but for this episode it really works.

In Haven, people are being killed only to be returned to life at a cost. This is sort of brilliant as it's the ultimate hostage situation. Nathan and Tommy track down the Troubled person behind the resurrection ransom scheme with the help of Jordan, to whom Nathan is growing even closer. I'm still not happy about that, though Jordan's a great character - strong, smart, set up in a really interesting place in the organization of the guard and well-informed. She has a purpose but she's also vulnerable with her need to be touched and Nathan helps with that. I still get skeeved out by that though because every time he's with Audrey you can see how much he still connects with her in a way he just doesn't with Jordan and I want better for her.

In Colorado, information drops like bombs. First and foremost - the  Guard extends all the way across the country. The strange compass-like symbol is found on the Cogans' porch by Audrey and Duke and the man living in the house now that the Cogans are gone says its a sign, like the underground railroad of Troubled people, meaning that the house is a safe place. Safe is something of an understatement because when Audrey and Duke find Mrs. Cogan, she's in a nursing home with Alzheimers. She remembers Audrey as Sarah but they can't get much more out of her.

Retiring to the hotel, Duke and Audrey rehash the day and how Audrey feels that she's wasted time before her vanishing at the Hunter meteor shower. Duke tells her he'll support anything she wants, how she's amazing for solving the mystery, and is generally the awesome guy we all knew he could be. Then suddenly Audrey and Duke are kissing. I nearly fell out of my chair in shock. They are not my couple of choice but good lord are they attractive together. The scene is fantastic - played for emotional impact that is made even more powerful for the fact that they didn't make the mistake of sleeping together because, as Audrey said, there isn't enough time to fix their friendship if they make that mistake.

The next day, all awkwardness aside, the pair manage to use a red wig to get a confession out of dotty Mrs. Cogan that oh, hey, she and her husband took good care of Sarah's son for her. Cue me staring at the screen with huge eyes and a slack jaw that matches Duke and Audrey's expressions. So all that talk of loving the Colorado Kid had less to do with romance and more to do with Audrey being a mom which is a shock. It's also kind of awesome. Whose baby is it? My vote is Vince Teague. For those of you who have been watching for the past two and a half seasons, you know that Vince had some kind of feelings for Sarah. I hope that's the case because wow. Just wow. Plot twist.

Back in Haven, Tommy and Nathan find that Claudia Black's character Moira, and her Troubled paramedic sister Noelle, are behind the resurrections - which have to be done before sundown. This is connected to Jordan's discoveries about a Troubled man who never made his migration from California. This is a problem because he is also the man supposedly in the video of the The Troubled Bolt Gun Killer killer, which is impossible because he's not resurrection-dead, he's rotted-out-skeleton-in-a-crashed-car-dead. It's sort of hard to shoot a bolt gun into the back of a woman's skull at an ATM when you're a corpse. Jordan calls Nathan to let him know as he finds the bolt gun in the trunk of a car - Tommy's car.

I have to admit I didn't see that one coming because when we saw TTBGK in the ATM video, it was definitely a white guy. I'm thinking TTBGK's has some sort of shapeshifting Trouble? I have no idea but once we know, Tommy shooting Nathan isn't that surprising. Audrey and Duke showing up just in time to find him dying on the ground isn't shocking either. What it is, though, is horrible and a completely perfect cliffhanger.

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