Bryan Fuller on plans for Hannibal season 3

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27 May 2014 - 07:44

Following Hannibal's bloody and eventful season 2 finale, Bryan Fuller talks about what we can expect from season 3...

Warning: contains spoilers for the Hannibal season 2 finale.

In a revealing and spoiler-filled postmortem interview with TV GuideHannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller not only dissected what was going on in the minds of Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy's characters during Friday's season two finale, but also pointed tantalisingly to a new direction for the show's forthcoming third run.

According to Fuller, the first episode of season three will "essentially function as a new pilot for a new series because everything's different". The plan for the third season is to take "a lot of disparate elements from the novel Hannibal Rising and the novel Hannibal and mashing them up together as part of the thrust of the season. It's going to be fun to bastardise two novels into one sort of Frankenstein season."

Fuller went on to warn fans of Thomas Harris' canon, "I will brace everybody right now: we're significantly changing the Hannibal origin story from Hannibal Rising". He continued, "The books won't necessarily be in sequential order. We'll be hitting elements of each of them except Silence Of The Lambs in the next season."

On the subject of returning and new characters for season three, Fuller was keen to keep some mystery in the air, telling TV Guide, "Will Alana survive and will Jack Crawford survive? Will Abigail Hobbs survive? Those are things that are going to be revealed very slowly at the beginning of season three".

If he had his way, then Gillian Anderson's character, Dr Bedelia Du Maurier, would be a series regular in the next season, but, he reminds us, "she's a very busy lady". Fuller is also hopeful about introducing the characters Francis Dolarhyde and Lady Murasaki into season three, weaving them "into the world in a unique way".

Read the interview in full by clicking on the link below.

TV Guide

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