New posters for Hannibal season 2

Poster Louisa Mellor 19 Feb 2014 - 07:10

As Hannibal's second season approaches, NBC has released poster art to whet fans' appetites...

As Hannibal's US season two premiere draws closer, its publicity machine spins ever faster. Its latest release are these key art posters, featuring Hugh Dancy's Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter trapped behind a knot of bloody stag antlers.

It's characteristically foreboding stuff from the people who brought us some of the most elegant, stylish - and yes, disturbing - moments on network TV of recent years in the first series. Lord knows what that art department's fake blood bill must add up to at the end of each season...

Hannibal returns to NBC on Friday the 28th of February. Read why we think it could be the best network TV drama for years, here.

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I love these new posters. Makes me more excited for season 2. I missed the first season but there is nothing keeping me away this season or any other season. My second favorite show on TV.

I'm really sorry for this, but how can it be your second favourite show if you never saw the first season? This implies you haven't seen any of it. So, how can it be your second favourite show???? It's like saying the new Guardians of the Galaxy film is my second favourite film of all time and I haven't seen any previous Marvel films. Please don't take offence, I just REALLy want to know what you mean!


I think they mean they missed it when it first aired on TV but have caught up with it since.

I got in on DVD and fell in love with this dark, twisted take on the Lector franchise.

No, Will, no. Just no: by trying to be understand Hannibal, don't let yourself become him. (If you reply, please mark your spoilers for the Hannibal saga in any other iteration)

I really, really hope they explore Beverly and Will's platonic friendship this season - I think that's arguably one of the best ways Will ever stands a chance of really feeling comfortable around other human beings and not through a potential romantic partner.

Yes, that's going to be difficult with Will locked up in an asylum of all places, but I don't think Will is going to stay there for the rest of the show. (If you reply, please mark your spoilers for the Hannibal saga in any other iteration)

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