Hannibal season 2 casting news and new promo

News Louisa Mellor
3 Feb 2014 - 07:44

Boardwalk Empire and The Dreamers' Michael Pitt is to guest star in Hannibal season 2...

"Stay away from Hannibal Lecter"

So says the latest teaser trailer for Hannibal season two (below). Sound advice, but one character not heeding it will be Mason Verger, a wealthy patient of Lecter's due to appear in the second season of Bryan Fuller's psychological horror series. 

Playing Verger, who was depicted by a heavily disguised Gary Oldman in Ridley Scott's 2001 Hannibal, will be Michael Pitt, an actor best recognised for his central role in Boardwalk Empire and whose first major TV part came as callow Henry Parker in Dawson's Creek.

Hannibal returns to NBC on Friday the 28th of February. Read our spoiler-filled season one reviews, here.

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