First full Hannibal season 2 trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 20 Jan 2014 - 08:22

Hannibal returns to NBC on the 28th of February. Here's the first full season two trailer...

"Will Graham is either delusional, or he's a psychopath"

When, in a few weeks, NBC's Dracula closes the coffin lid on season one, Hannibal muhc-anticipated season two will be there to take its place.

By the looks of this trailer, the second season will be bringing us more psychological horror, more corpses, more creepy wendigos, and more Mads Mikkelsen, a combination you won't hear any complaints about from us. See what's in store below (and do your best to ignore the John Lewis ad-style cover version of Stand By Me)...

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Awesome trailer, absolutely cannot wait for this. My main question is how do they continue the series? Is the intention to end up with Hannibal behind bars a la the books and therefore seguing into Red Dragon (as that seems to be looming rather rapidly) or going in a different direction... AT this moment I can;t see how it can stretch beyond 3 series at a push. Theories?

Bryan Fuller has said there's a 7 season plan with the first three seasons being pre-Red Dragon, the 4th being Red Dragon, the 5th being Silence of the Lambs, the 6th being Hannibal and the 7th rounding it up with post-Hannibal. That is assuming they get the rights to Silence of the Lambs which are owned by MGM who do not appear to be very keen to lend them out. I think they'll probable end up with a Starling expo and keep it focused on Will.

I meant expy.

On the other hand, that trailer does seem to make it pretty clear that Jack is going to know Hannibal is Hannibal by the end of this series so what will they do for the third? Hannibal's capture and trial maybe? But I think that would be difficult to do for 13 episodes. They could start consulting Hannibal but I think that would take away from Red Dragon a little if Will and Hannibal have already been working together on serial killers while Hannibal's incarcerated.

My current theory is that the third series is going to focus on trying to work out who Hannibal is and exactly what crimes he has committed (since he's obviously been around a while). However I'm sure my ideas will change the more I think about it.

Thanks for that, most helpful! it is an adaptable storyline. They did such a good job this season that they have mine and probably many other fans trust

More delicious episodes coming right up! Can't wait!!!

Well if series 4 is "Red Dragon", Lecter will have been in prison and Graham relocated for some time, this indicates series 3 could be dealing with Hannibal's capture, trial and incarceration. Series 2 could probably end with a storyline or cliffhanger leading into that.

I'm guessing we'll see some of the victims mentioned in the "Dragon" and "Lambs", poor flautists, census takers and the like making appearances.

I'd like to see the period between "Silence" and "Hannibal" explored, some good opportunities there. At least see what happened to Dr Chilton...

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