Grimm season 3 episode 21 review: The Inheritance

Review Christine Horton
15 May 2014 - 06:05

Season three's penultimate episode is suffused with foreboding about Grimm's upcoming nuptials. Here's Christine's review...

This review contains spoilers.

3.21 The Inheritance

This penultimate episode of the season in many ways lays the foundation for the big finale, moving the characters into a position where they’ll be exposed to varying degrees of burns from the inevitable fireworks at Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding.

This was evident in Rosalee’s feeling of foreboding regarding the upcoming nuptials. In a moment of pre-wedding stress she tells Monroe “I have the feeling something awful is going to happen.” The somewhat heavy-handed method of delivery seems dropped in to tell us what we already know; it’s all going to kick off over the wedding cake. Thank god for Monroe’s light-hearted comeback to the warning: “That’s the spirit.”

Adalind is now properly back to season one Hexenbitch. In fact, the writers seem to be having fun with it, painting her as a fairytale witch, intent on vengeance. She uses actual skeleton keys to break into Nick and Juliette’s house, and later uses a witch’s hat when casting a spell. What she’s actually doing is whipping up some derivative of a polyjuice potion in order to imitate Juliette, presumably to get to Nick. (You imagine the writers suddenly realising Juliette hadn’t been used, duped or been put under a spell all season and so quickly had to address that before finale.)

While you can sympathise with Adalind – they did steal her baby – you can’t help but notice how much she enjoys manipulating others. She used Renard for her own purposes, who to his credit, wasn’t completely taken in by her vixen routine. In fact, he tells her: “If I didn’t know you better, I’d be in love with you.”

However, as soon as she realises she’s been busted, (in the spirit of using the Portland PD as his own private police force, Renard puts Wu on surveillance duty to track Adalind’s movements), Adalind knocks out the captain and makes a run for it.

So while Renard is aware of Adalind’s plotting against his supposed allies, he opts not to tell either Nick or Juliette. Which is a little odd, no?

Also in time for the finale, another mysterious key turns up – alongside another Grimm! He’s an old man named Rolek, who before he dies wants to pass on his box of Grimm tricks, as well as the key to Nick, who appears to be pretty easy to find, by reputation alone. That or he’s listed in the Grimm phone book.

Either way, once Nick has his hands on the key, the gang realise it does indeed lead them to Germany, the Black Forest, and “god knows what.” “I wonder if we’ll ever know,” wonders Rosalee. As viewer, we might ask the same question regarding this long-running plotline.

An interesting development among all this is that Rolek’s son, Josh, has yet to inherit any of his father’s powers, and was completely in the dark about such otherworldly creatures as Wesen and Grimms. It remains to be seen whether he sticks around in Portland for a while, and maybe develops some skills of his own.

Elsewhere Trubel (can we please call her Theresa?) seems to be fitting in more easily with the group. She was less of a loose cannon this week, even showing signs of thoughtfulness and an eagerness to learn more about her ‘gift’. She also kicked ass in a fight with Verrat, which is always heart-warming.

There was also one laugh-out-loud moment among the gang when Josh questions whether they’re all just crazy – to which they all look up in unison, and take a moment to ponder that possibility.

So it’s the big wedding finale on Friday. Will there be crying in the chapel... or worse, murder on the dance floor? I for one can’t wait to see!

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