Grimm season 3 episode 20 review: My Fair Wesen

Review Christine Horton
6 May 2014 - 07:00

Nick begins to introduce the new Grimm to the Wesen world in this week's episode. Here's Christine's review...

This review contains spoilers

3.20 My Fair Wesen

This week saw Nick set out to educate his new apprentice Trubel about her newly-discovered life as a Grimm. This coincides with a disturbing murder investigation that ultimately proves to be an eye opener for the young Grimm into some of more gruesome aspects of the Wesen world.

The case features a Lebensauger, a cannibalistic creature that exsanguinates victims, as seen in last season’s The Hour of Death. They have a reputation for sadistic behaviour – which is the case here with creepy Lebensauger Ken, a modern day Fagin who uses fear to control young girls he grooms to steal for him.

While the title My Fair Wesen refers to the girls Ken lifts from the streets and clothes in designer gear, it probably also applies to Trubel, who has to hone her Grimm skills under Nick’s watchful eye. And Juliette’s tight-lipped glare.

So where does Nick start? With Monroe and Rosalee of course, who agree to woge for Trubel – in a safe environment – so that she can see that not every Wesen is out to kill her. Because it seems that she has encountered more than her fair share of the creatures in the past. Aside from the three Wesen she killed last week, she’s previously had a run-in with a Lebensauger in Chicago, while a Siegburste killed her foster parents. As a Grimm you’d think some sort of warning system would see them steer clear of her, but the opposite appears to be true, which is a little odd.

Also odd is that Wu doesn’t recognise Trubel when she accompanies Nick to the crime scene. It was only the day before that they were examining surveillance footage of her (not mentioning her short stint in custody) so it’s surprising no-one says, “hey aren’t you that girl we want for murder?”

Speaking of Wu, as Nick appears to sympathise with Trubel, and understand the suffering her ‘visions’ caused her in the past – plus the fact no-one believed her – surely he must realise that Wu is going through the same thing? Letting something think they’re going crazy seems cruel and unnecessary.

Meanwhile, one a personal level, I’d like to implore the writers to lose the ‘Trubel’ nickname. It’s clunky and corny. Maybe as she embraces her new life, she can revert back to using the more grown-up sounding ‘Theresa’?

Elsewhere, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Adalind’s minx face, but this week her devious ways were back with a vengeance. While we’re not yet sure what she has planned, a book among her mother’s possessions looks to hold the answer. The book can only be opened by spilling blood, so it probably isn’t a fairy story. Renard is absolutely right to be on his guard around his baby momma.

The episode finishes with a short glimpse of a random old man with...another key! We don’t yet know who he is, and the scene felt a bit like it was shoe-horned in, with the season only having two episodes left to go and the writers want to re-introduce the secret key storyline before the finale. We shall of course, have to wait until Friday, but from the previews, it looks like things are going to come to a head very quickly.

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