Grimm season 3 episode 16 review: The Show Must Go On

Review Christine Horton
24 Mar 2014 - 12:00

Rosalee goes undercover at a Wesen circus and Adalind discovers her softer side in this week's Grimm...

This review contains spoilers.

3.16 The Show Must Go On

We get to visit the circus this week in Grimm, but as you may expect, it’s a circus with a difference. Carnival Metamorphosia features an ensemble cast of Wesen who transform into their bestial selves each night on stage to the wonderment of paying audiences.

The four performers – Damien the Last Dragon (a Dämonfeuer), Ivan the Strongman (a Siegbarste), Genvieve the Bearded Lady (a Fuchsbau) and Maxmillian the Wolfman (a Blutbad) – are controlled by Löwen ringmaster Hedig. (If you remember, season one’s Last Grimm Standing featured a Löwen named Leo Taymor who forced other Wesen to fight in secret cage death matches, so the ringmaster role is an appropriate one.)

However, the exploitation of Wesen isn’t the worst aspect of the job; there’s a price far greater that they pay for their nightly ‘magical’ transformations – continuous forced Woging can apparently cause Umkippen, an affliction that sees the Wesen increasingly unable to resist their primal urges.

This is where the crime comes in. The Blutbad, Max, is losing grip on his human side, and when two circus groupies are killed, Nick and Hank are called in to investigate. (Incidentally, there was nice Blutbad reference during that scene with Warren Zevon’s Werewolves Of London playing on the stereo.)

Fittingly for a case involving another Blutbad / Fuchsbau relationship, Monroe and Rosalee get involved in the investigation, where – somewhat shockingly – Rosalee actually sheds the knitwear to go undercover at the circus.

The thing that marks the episode is Monroaslee donning their detective caps and taking the lead in the investigation. It was refreshing to see, and a change from their usual roles as advice givers, potion dispensers and dinner party hosts... Although that did happen too this week.

In fact, it’s over dinner that Monroe asks Nick to be his best man at his forthcoming wedding to Rosalee, rather sweetly telling him he is responsible for changing his life. While Nick initially agrees, he has his doubts about accepting the role, envisioning bloodshed before the speeches. It remains to be seen if he’ll go ahead with his duties. But I bet the stag night will be a hoot.

By the way, Wu’s back at work, and everything’s apparently back to normal. But I think we can safely say that the incidents featured in Mommy Dearest will be revisited sooner or later.

Meanwhile over in the Swiss Alps, a change appears to be occurring in Adalind that could have an impact on the rest of the season – and possibly beyond, now that season four has been given the thumbs up.

Since she was spirited away by action man Meisner, and giving birth, the former Queen of Mean is beginning to show the first signs of a softer, more compassionate Adalind. She’s taken aback when Sebastien sacrifices himself for her and the rebel cause, as it’s probably the first time she’s seen anyone ever do anything like that before. Yes, she did use her newfound Hexenbiest powers to get the Verrat Hundjager to turn his gun on himself, but arguably that’s justifiable – she said she just meant for him to drop the gun. Hmmm.

In addition, when Meisner tells her he won’t be returning to the US with her and the child, a look of disappointment crosses Adalind’s face that makes us believe she has developed warm and fuzzy feelings for her rescuer.

But if this is the emergence of Adalind 2.0, what will happen when she gets back to Portland? If Nick and Sean Renard are fighting on the same side, will that mean Adalind will potentially fight alongside the man who stole her powers?

Grimm’s not on this Friday – I don’t know why so if anyone could fill me in on that I’d be most grateful – but the next episode on April the 4th promises Adalind’s return to the US, alongside a familiar face. It should be a good one!

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