Grimm season 3 episode 13 review: Revelation

Review Christine Horton
4 Mar 2014 - 07:12

Grimm is back,Monroe's in tears, and it's time for Adalind to pick a side. Here's Christine's review of Revelation...

This review contains spoilers.

3.13 Revelation

Grimm returned to our screens on Friday following a month-long hiatus for the Winter Olympics, and it picks up right where it left off – with Monroe’s dad about to launch himself at his son’s best friend in a Blutbad rage.

(To recap, Blutbad Monroe’s parents, Bart and Alice, had just discovered that their son is about to marry a Fuchsbau, and weren’t reacting well to the news. But then with colossally bad timing, in walks Nick – who as a Grimm is a sworn enemy to all Wesen. Cue woging, snarling and lunging from Bart.)

As expected, no-one is fatally bitten or decapitated in Monroe’s living room. But the perceived betrayal of their kind is too much for the old-school Blutbaden couple to handle, much to Monroe’s frustration.

The episode continues to address the ongoing issue of Wesen finding their place in modern society, and how Wesen with more traditional values can find the changing times jarring, and confusing. It of course mirrors human problems relating to discrimination and bigotry.

“Mixed marriages don’t work,” Bart tells his son, who responds: “What is this, a hundred years ago?”

Aside from anything, the idea of walking away from his parents for the woman he loves makes Monroe cry, and that’s a little bit heartbreaking.

Interestingly, for the first time we see Monroe questioning his role as sidekick to Nick. However, this idea isn’t developed, and the two best buds are soon bonding again over how to stop the Wildesheers’ killing spree – because by then they realise there is more than one beast.

Events over in Austria are just as interesting this week as we discover Stefania’s betrayal of Adalind. It appears the black marketeer had been brokering the sale of the unborn royal baby directly with Prince Viktor. (It shouldn’t come as a surprise; Stefania employs such a degree of cunning in her business dealings that she makes Adalind look like a girl scout.)

However, it's Renard who has it all figured out and warns Adalind. It's where we really see that Renard is really one step ahead of the game, most of the time. He plays his cards very close to his chest, only revealing them when it suits him – or when he is forced to.

We discover he believes Adalind’s baby is his and not Erik’s, but has kept the information to himself, until the time was right. With Viktor making a play for the child, he decides that time is now. With battle lines being drawn, he tells Adalind:  “This is the time to choose a side.”

This could be the showdown between Viktor and the Verrat (which sounds like a 1960s popular beat combo) and Renard and the resistance (ahem) that we’ve waited all season for.

This episode kicks things off with a shirtless Meisner, Adalind on the run and the best pen-in-the-eye death since The Faculty. (Incidentally, if Adalind doesn’t think it was her own powers that caused the death, that leaves just one option: Baby Schade.)

We leave the story with Adalind going into labour while hidden away in a remote cottage with Meisner, who by then has put his shirt back on.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the Wildsheer – or Caccia Morta – leads to a dramatic finale that hints that the dangerous creatures are just the beginning of Nick’s problems. “If the Wildesheers ever came back, something really bad was going to happen next,” Burt tells Monroe and Nick (though he’s not really okay with that friendship yet.)

“Something somewhere will happen that’s going to change the world.”This statement is followed by an ominous clap of thunder.

That couldn’t possibly be Adalind’s baby they’re talking about, could it? The one with the special powers and already sought by all sides, both good and bad?

As Nick comments: “It’s coming!”

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