Grimm season 3 episode 11 review: The Good Soldier

Review Christine Horton
21 Jan 2014 - 09:01

Does Grimm have the depth to cope with the dark themes of this week's episode? Christine is doubtful...

This review contains spoilers.

3.11 The Good Soldier

Revenge was theme this week on Grimm, with The Good Soldier a tale of an avenging angel seeking retribution for terrible acts committed against her.

It was an interesting premise, and handled well, could have really stood out from a recent run of fairly unexceptional episodes. The Good Solider featured a deeply troubled young woman, Frankie, who we first encounter in obvious distress, slicing at her arm with a knife. We later discover this is a reaction to having been gang-raped by soldiers while serving in the US military four years previously.

Now her attackers are all being mysteriously killed.

To attempt to address such troubling and complex issues such as rape and self-harming in a format such as Grimm’s, while brave perhaps, seems an odd choice. Grimm doesn’t do hard hitting and gritty drama, it’s just not equipped to do so by its very nature. So it felt really at odds for this episode to take on such exceptionally dark material.

The issue of Frankie’s self-harming was never addressed, apart from as a clue for Nick and Hank to her identity, and at the end of the episode when her attackers were either dead or in jail, it is assumed Frankie now has ‘closure’. It was all wrapped up in one neat package with justice served – which just felt a little unsatisfactory and glib.

On a positive note, and where Grimm does excel, there was a great fight sequence between two deadly half lion, half scorpion creatures called Manticores. It was an interesting move to have two Wesen fight one another in a climatic scene without Nick being involved.

The other main storyline this week involved a visit to Rosalee’s mother, whom she hasn’t seen in seven years. As you’d expect, Monroe was on hand to lend his support, and it’s sweet to see his devotion to her. However, it’s more than a little difficult to imagine Rosalee as a thief and junkie – but that’s her back story and they’re sticking to it.

The visit made for an uncomfortable dinner with Rosalee’s sister, DeEtta, who carries on an enormous chip on her shoulder about having to stay at home with her mother. It was fun however, to see Monroe looking shaky and a little nonplussed as a Blutbad being intimated by a Fuchsbau.

With this second half of the season failing yet to reach the momentum of the first half, it’s no surprise that elsewhere very little happened. In Vienna, Adalind started to show some signs of her powers returning – she moved a cup with her mind– and Meisner reported back to Renard. Also something to watch out for: when Adalind experienced stomach pain the lights in the café blew, so the city should have a backup generator on hand for when she does give birth.

There is good news ahead though – next week’s episode promises more family action, and to finally begin to address some of the plot points that have been hinted at all season. Fingers crossed for Friday!

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