Grimm season 3 episode 6 review: Stories We Tell Our Young

Review Christine Horton
9 Dec 2013 - 15:11

Demonic possession and shadowy practices are the stuff of Grimm this week, which welcomes an alumnus of Buffy and Angel...

This review contains spoilers.

3.6 Stories We Tell Our Young

It’s been a while since Grimm visited Wesen history and their ancient laws, but in many ways Stories We Tell Our Young is reminiscent of those early episodes that set about explaining the strange Wesen world to us.

We once again get to explore the conflict but between the traditional Wesen way of life and their struggle to apply its rules in a modern society.

The episode begins with a young boy, Daniel, whose parents deliver him into the arms of a local priest after suspecting he’s been possessed by a demonic spirit. The situation unfolds somewhat ambiguously, but inevitably Daniel reacts (very) badly to the attempted exorcism, resulting in bloodshed in the chapel.

It’s left to Nick and Hank to work out if Daniel is a new type of Wesen they’ve not yet encountered, or if he really is possessed by demonic forces.

Monroe and Rosalee suspect Daniel of being Grausen (German for ‘horror’), where a demonic spirit possesses kids and causes them to grow up into become some of the world’s most notorious psychopaths. As such, the Wesen Council will kill any Grausen it finds.

To not report a Grausen is punishable by death in the Wesen world, and here we see the first signs of tension between Monrosalee, as she insists on informing the Council of Daniel’s existence. Although her actions may have been motivated by fear, it is a reminder that Rosalee retains a loyalty to the Wesen that Monroe has largely foregone in favour of his friendship with Nick.

As a result, Alexander – a Pflichttreue who first appeared in Natural Born Wesen – is despatched by the Wesen Council to make Daniel disappear.

Yet again, it’s Juliette who comes to the rescue when she suggests the boy may be infected with a rare disease or parasite that causes him to appear to channel the devil. (I know I mentioned it last week, but does she ever go to work any more?) This theory is backed up, coincidentally, by a colleague of Juliette’s who once saw something similar in horses. It requires quite the suspension of disbelief, as it’s as implausible as Juliette’s new role as scientific advisor to the gang.

In addition, when things reach their dramatic conclusion, and Daniel’s life is in danger, Nick insists they have to let the boy’s temperature drop to dangerous levels to kill the parasite, which seems purely based on no real evidence. Why would it “be Daniel’s only chance”? What happened to the plan from ten minutes previously to get him tested at the hospital and treated?

Nevertheless, the subject provides the writers with another chance to explore how traditional Wesen methods of dealing with problems are at odds with modern life. It is up to Nick to stop Alexander and convince him of Daniel’s (semi) medical diagnosis, therefore introducing the Wesen to a new, caring, sharing, less murder-y way of dealing with the unknown.

Meanwhile, Europe’s seeing come action too. Last week’s episode hinted there may be scope for a Scooby-gang road trip. Well we got at least a glimpse of that this week with Renard taking off for Austria to take care of some “family business”.

He soon finds himself in peril following an attempt on his life, fleeing an attack by two Verrat Hundjäger through Vienna’s sewer system (and despite his accomplice Messner’s initial concern, the Captain’s broad shoulders did fit down the escape hatch, phew!)

Despite lying low, Renard will also have to find time to deal with an ex who may or may not be carrying his baby, and future royal heir.

However royal life in Vienna, we’re told, goes on, “as does the family business” and following the assassination of Evil Price Eric the writers this week teased us with his replacement. Although we only hear his voice, fans of Buffy and Angel may recognise the new head of the Royal Family.

Let’s hope this week’s double episode brings us the big reveal!

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