New Grimm trailer teases season 2 return

Trailer Louisa Mellor 8 Feb 2013 - 05:51

After a long break, Grimm returns to NBC on the 8th of March, and here's a taste of what to expect from the Wesen gang...

The last we heard from Grimm was the cheeky sign-off Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt closed episode twelve with, "To be continued... Sorry". That was back in November, and thanks to the mysterious workings of US TV programming (I think they cast bones under full moons to determine the schedules, either that or read animal viscera), it won't be until March that the continuation, er, continues.

We left Nick in possession of half of Captain Renard's secret, and Captain Renard in possession of Nick's magical mystery trailer. Juliette was being driven mad with magical love for Renard, Hank was up-to-speed with all things Wesen, Adalind was causing mischief, and Monroe was largely on the substitute's bench while Rosalee was out of town. It was a great mid-season finale (our review here), and this preview trailer takes us right back to the action.

Grimm's second season resumes on NBC on the 8th of March, and shortly thereafter on Watch in the UK.


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wow our grimm becomes Cuckolded Character after this tease :) writers messing orund with nick fans

I have a strong feeling that they are about to ruin this show for me. I have never been a big fan of the Juliette/Captain Renard magically fueled tryst. I've been ready for it to be over for several episodes and see Juliette back with Nick, but as an active member of his evil Wesen fighting team, along with Hank, Monroe and Rosalee. The fact that there is apparently sizable number of fans that actually want Juliette and Renard to consumate their fake relationship is baffling to me. There attraction to each other is only because of a spell cast by a witch who wants to make Nick suffer. So I just don't get it. Anyway, judging from the previews, the entire dynamic of this show is about to change and definitely not in a good way. Once Renard and Juliette heat up the sheets, an eventual reconciliation between her and Nick would seem kind of ridiculous, spell or no spell. Sadly, the return episode on March 8 may be the series finale, as far as I'm concerned.

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