First trailer for US Broadchurch remake, Gracepoint

Trailer Simon Brew 13 May 2014 - 07:06

David Tennant and Anna Gunn star in the US take on Broadchurch, Gracepoint. Here's a trailer...

With David Tennant now confirmed to be returning for Broadchurch series 2 here in the UK (along with the wonderful Olivia Colman), there's also the small matter of his starring role in the US take on the show. Entitled Gracepoint, Tennant stars in this one alongside Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn. Show creator Chris Chibnall is involved in Gracepoint, which Fox is describing as "a new 10-episode mystery event series based on Broadchurch".

It also says that it's "an expansion of the original series, introducing new characters, identifying new suspects and threading new storylines through the gripping narrative".

Tennant, we should point out, isn't playing exactly the same character in Gracepoint that he did in Broadchurch.

Anyway: we're got a trailer for you. Fox has released the first official promo for the show, and you can see it right here. Gracepoint is on our screens later in the year...

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That's got to be the most straight up remake I've ever seen! They might as well have just dubbed some American voices over the original version.

it looks like it even has the long steady cam shot that they used to introduce the town via danny's dad in broadchurch. I take it it'll be identical at the start before deviating

Should be interesting. It'll at least tide me over til we get Broadchurch II.

I wonder who did it...

Did David Tennant use Batman as inspiration for his american accent?

I keep expecting him to throw an 'Alons-y!' in there.

Never saw the original but this American edition could have been a great companion piece to the UK original. They could have somehow brought in Tennant's character as a consultant because of the same nature of the murder.

Wow, Tennant's American accent is baaaaad.

Are Americans just put off by accents that aren't like their's? Looking at this, it doesn't even look like they're trying to put their own spin on it. Like wolfie said, they might as well as just dubbed it; would've saved them a hell of a lot of money.

Hope it won't be as bad as the original

What's the point, why not make a sequel were the British cop goes to this town ,?????

We Americans don't HAVE accents--we speak American the way god meant it to be spoken. It's just the rest of the world that distorts it and makes it all funny-sounding.

A lot of us suspect that you do it on purpose, just to irritate us, because you're jealous. At home, you probably speak it exactly the same way we do.

That's why whenever a newscast covers anything from he UK, the speakers are all dubbed and subtitled. (Little known fact: Most Americans never heard the actual voices of Margaret Thatcher or Winston Churchill. Sarah Palin got her start in politics as the dubbed voice of Maggie Thatcher, and all of Churchill's speeches were done by John Wayne).

You have an accent.

What is the actual point of this? We already know who did it and why/when/how. Plus I'm not sure I could cope with Tennants accent.

Seems to be a common remake tactic to start out the same then put your own stamp on it later somehow.

C'mon - you even write with an accent ;)

So many things don't make sense about this. If it HAS to be a remake, then just cast an American. I'm guessing he was attached to the project and is using it to break America. Or write a different story and have him be the same character.. and Americans, just learn to deal with British accents! They could have been companion pieces... same character, different murders. That way we could have imported the US version when ours wasn't on, and vice versa. Cross pollination of audiences. Everybody wins.

OR if they have to have their own version of the same story, have him do his Doctor Who accent. At least he can do that flawlessly.

Apparently, it takes inspiration from the original series, but will deviate significantly from the original.

Given just how critically appraised Broadchurch was worldwide, I think the reason Teannet was cast was to assure viewers it wasn't going to be a lazy cash in - and Doctor Who has been very much felt in the U.S. the last five years....

You speak American do you, I've never heard of the language American. You speak English my good friend and you always will.


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