Gotham character posters for the Penguin, Catwoman and more...

Poster Louisa Mellor 26 Jun 2014 - 07:14

Fox has released a clutch of noir-tinged character posters for forthcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham...

Following what could justifiably be called the rave reviews of its first critics' screening, Gotham has shot to the top of many people's most-anticipated lists for new US shows this autumn. With The Mentalist's Bruno Heller showrunning, and Danny Cannon in the directing chair, the Batman prequel promises much.

Showcasing the early days of Bruce Wayne and Harvey Bullock, as well as The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman, accompanied by the man trying to put an end to their juvenile shenanigans - a moustache-less Jim Gordon - these high end posters from Entertainment Weekly reveal Gotham's noir-inspired style...

Gotham starts this autumn on Fox in the US. Read more about it on Den Of Geek, here.

Entertainment Weekly

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Ivy Pepper? Dear oh dear...

Looks amazing. I'm guessing its sort of an adaption of Batman Earth One. Seems at least to be inspired by it anyway.

oooo. though. um. 'Ivy Pepper'? Don't they mean Pamela Isley?

We've had Smallville: Superman the Early Years, and now we have Gotham: Batman the Early Years. I have high hopes this'll be as good though (well, at least as much as the early seasons of Smallville were).

I'm hoping not every Batman villian will be older than Bruce Wayne. Also, I'm hoping that Ivy Pepper is a working name or that she is a red harring that has some connection to Pamela Isley and won't actually become Poison Ivy.
Not to mention that Poison Ivy Pepper sounds like a spice.

I really don't like the actress playing Selina Kyle. Also wtf is Ivy Pepper?

The trailer roped me in. I can't wait

Isn't Catwoman supposed to be the same age as Bruce Wayne? Why does she look like she's almost full-grown in all these pictures?
And as others have said... Ivy Pepper... what?

Aside from that, can't wait!

The actress playing Selena is only 2 years older than the one playing Bruce.

Congratulations, you officially have thought more about the show then the people currently producing it.

"Ivy Pepper" is one small step away from "Jay Oker"

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