New Gotham teaser introduces the villains

Trailer Louisa Mellor 19 Jun 2014 - 07:32

Fox has released a criminal-focussed new teaser for Batman prequel, Gotham…

“How will a little girl, a low level thug, a businesswoman become the most dangerous criminals around? Simple answer, they all got their start in this city”

Early critics' screenings of the Gotham pilot elicited hugely positive responses, edging the comic book crime show towards the top of our list for new autumn TV.

This new teaser does nothing to dissuade us either, giving us a closer look at three of Gotham’s sooon-to-be major criminals: Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot and new character Fish Mooney.


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"It's up to us to stop them." Jade Pickett Smith, yes. Penguin and Catwoman on the other hand...
Also, is Catwoman really a villian? I'm not big on the comics, but that Arkham game and the previous (animated) movies rather set her up as an antihero.

I always thought of her as a villain until she meets Bruce "moral compass" Wayne/Batman (spoiler) at which point she starts moving towards being an anti-hero (see Batman Returns)

Yeah, I think that's the thing about Catwoman...she's more a villain or gets involved in criminal activity because she is untrusting of the world but when she meets Bruce/Batman she finds someone who kinda believes in her, or the good person she could be. So she is very different to say The Joker.

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