Gotham: first screening reactions overwhelmingly postitive

News Louisa Mellor 16 Jun 2014 - 07:05

Some lucky people have had a sneak preview of the Gotham pilot, and they're singing its praises...

A few early reactions to a US screening of the Gotham pilot have emerged, and all told, Fox should be feeling pretty chuffed with themselves. The vast majority of responses were positive, with Collider's Christina Radish Tweeting, "Rest assured, Gotham is everything that you want Gotham to be", before adding particular praise for Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin.

Give Me My Remote's Marisa Roffman called Gotham a "gorgeous show", while TV Equals' Sandrine Sahakians called it "fantastic", explaining that "the trailers don't do it justice" and adding that it was "definitely top of my list this fall"

Hitfix's Daniel Fienberg was slightly more circumspect writing on Twitter, "I can't shake the feeling there are a lot of unfulfillable promises in Gotham. But... good pilot", adding "It's well-cast, top to bottom, and the production values play higher in context than they do in the trailer".

More praise for "superb and transfixing" Robin Lord Taylor as Cobblepot came from MTV, who suggest the show should be renamed "Penguin: Origins" judging by the pilot, and warned viewers to prepare for an Alfred (Sean Pertwee) straight out of Geoff Johns' Batman: Earth One. According to MTV, Gotham "isn't a superhero show. If anything, it's closer to a police procedural with some comic book trappings".

We'll bring you our own thoughts on the pilot as soon as we're able.

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"isn't a superhero show. If anything, it's closer to a police procedural with some comic book trappings".

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this describes EXACTLY the criminally-underrated/under-reported/under-reviewed 'Person of Interest'... not that you'd know that by the way this site (and others, to be fair) completely ignore it!

But throw in a Marvel or DC-related show and it's frontpage news...

I hope the fact that they have so many characters means that they won't fall into a dull spell and will always have good material for at least a few seasons. I love all things Batman, so I am cautiously optimistic about this show. The trailer had me excited right away though.

"criminally-underrated/under-reported/under-reviewed 'Person of Interest'."


Is it? I watched the first season, thought it was okay. Kinda 'eh'

Does it get better?

Love Person of Interest. Hate that it's rarely discussed.

Person of Interest is flipping awesome! And this series can only hope to be that good!

But will it be a DCU Batman prequel? It is set in the 80's/90's so it could be.

I had no idea Sean Pertwee was in it. I absolutely love him in everything. Really looking forward to the show in general though. I'm hoping for something more along the lines of "Batman: Year One" but without Batman of course.

"Rest assured, Gotham is everything that you want Gotham to be"

So, I want it to be about Batman kicking ass. Is it about Batman kicking ass?


I have been telling everyone about Person of Interest, hate that we are so far behind the US & that it gets shafted in the schedules.

I want it to be about Year One Batman telling the tales of how he travelled the world learning all the skills he needs to become Bats. Kind of like a How I Met Your Batman. Is it about that?

I'm the wrong person to ask, opinion is relative as to whether something is better than something else, and I'm in the minority on certain shows' or films' qualitative attributes; for example, I maintain that 'Die Hard 2' is so very nearly every bit as good as the original film, but I'm very much of the minority dissenting opinion on that one.

With regards 'Person of Interest' as it goes along, it's a much more confident show in the stories it tells, how it develops the core characters, and the very considerable risks it takes in telling both the increasingly larger narrative as well as individual episodes... risks, it has to be said, that absolutely work and pay off in spades, it's become a thing of storytelling beauty of late! You could theoretically subtitle the show as it now stands 'Rise of the Machines' and that would be an accurate representation of what's happening at present in the POI universe...

I maintain that at some point the rest of the viewing public are going to latch onto POI some years down the line (as happened with 'Breaking Bad' during it's final run), see just how prescient and ahead of the curve it was/is, and ask rather loudly why they never heard much if anything about it a lot sooner than then...

No. When people say things like that, they mean "it greatly fulfills the potential of the premise of Gotham." Not "this is
what every unique viewer wanted the premise of Gotham to be." That's just
idiotic and paralyzing for anyone telling a story they want to tell. No one will ever cater to the "they aren't making something exactly for me" crowd.

And such is the problem for many comic book fans, who can't accept the
idea of anything remotely different from the 50 capes and tights movies
and TV shows we're getting in the next 10 years.

I'm sorry if I annoyed you with my joke.

To an extent I agree. I love POI seasons 1 and 2 (up to a point), but I think it's gone badly off it's original premise from season 1. All the reasons I loved it in the first place are gone. Originally it seemed like a cross between Dark Knight and The Equalizer. Now it's just as contrived and nonsensical as the latter X-Files seasons. It just managed it in less time.

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