First trailer for Batman prequel, Gotham

Trailer Louisa Mellor 6 May 2014 - 07:12

Ben McKenzie plays Jim Gordon in Fox's forthcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham. See the promising first trailer here...

"This is not a city for nice guys."

Here's some excitement to pep up a Tuesday morning: Fox has not only ordered Batman prequel Gotham to series, but also released a promising extended trailer for the show. A grimy cop tale focusing on the early career of Detective Jim Gordon, Gotham also introduces a host of 'before they were famous' DC characters, from a young Oswald Cobblepot to young Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Detective Harvey Bullock and butler Alfred Pennyworth are also due to appear.

As the trailer shows us, Gotham kicks off with the instigating incident of one crime that's set to change both the city and the life of a ten-year-old Bruce Wayne, forever. We'll bring you a start date for the newly commissioned series as soon as one is confirmed.

Read more about Gotham on Den of Geek, here.


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The city looks to contemporary, Gotham should be the set and
the star in this, the feel of the city is what gives the comics it mood and the
characters their bleak edge. Thought Russell Crow was Jim Gordon for a second!

From the inception hoots from the first second this looks like a cliche ridden crime procedural with tangential links to the batman franchise. Seeing the origin story of every batman villain seems a bit tiresome. Shouldn't it be set in the 70s or 80s or a non specific noirish gothic period like Batman TAS?

I want to see lots of blimps!

Does anyone know if this is going to be canon for the cinematic DC universe like agents of shield is for Marvel? If not huge opportunity missed and yet another slapdash approach of DC and Warner Bros (not sure who owns this but on FOX) to cash in on the Avengers approach, which love it or hate it is nothing short of slick!

Actual chills ... down my back!

I think this looks interesting but I wonder about trying to shoehorn in all the rogues' gallery into the series.

I doubt it. Agents of SHIELD works for Marvel because it's concurrent and it largely reacts to things in the movies, the movies don't really take from the show. Making a prequel tv show set up for the movies would mean the movies would have to basically adhere to the show word for word in terms of backstory and worldbuilding, and I doubt Warner Brothers wants to be in that position. They're already doing Arrow, which I also doubt will be cinematically canon, so I don't see why they wouldn't just let it be it's own thing.

The Gotham Central (GCP) comics were really good (Ed Brubaker can do no wrong) and this is a similar idea.
I'll be watching.


I love the tone of this show, hoping it will get the support it needs from Fox to mature into a long term show.

I'm in!

Looks like it has great atmosphere. The dialogue we hear is crisp and skirts, nicely, the border between deadly serious and camp. I just hope that it hits a Freeview channel and not be swallowed up by Murdoch's media machine (which would mean me having to wait for the box-set). :-/

Oh wait... it's on FOX - I give it one season, maybe one and half... (Not bitter)

I hope one of the freeview channels gets this in the UK and not Sky 1 or similar. Channel 4 would probably be the best fit?

Now I'm starting to look forward to this, interesting to see how much they hint forward about the future Riddler and Poison Ivy, suspect lots of plant puns and "Heres a question for you" lines.
Probably wind up on Fox Uk which is good as its on my channels and it does Catchup so I can see it again once the geekgasm goes away.


There. Now you have a trailer audio for every stupid movie (and show apparently) ever. Feel free, Transformers 4-9 - and Gotham Season 2.

This actually looks pretty good! Also, am I correct that this series might take place in the '80s/'90s? That TV and those cars may indicate that. If so this series could really be the prequel to Affleck's Batman!

At the moment nobody outside WB/DC knows if the TV shows Arrow & The Flash (The CW), Gotham (Fox) and Constantine (NBC) will be in the same continuity. However, all the shows are made by Warner Bros. The CW is Warner owned and Fox and NBC have the license to air Gotham and Constantine.
The interconnectivity of these shows could be as follows. Arrow and The Flash are big on easter eggs (Bluthaven, Ferris, Harley Quinn, ARGUS, League of Assassins, a lot of New 52 hints, etc.) which could indicate a DCCU connection.
Gotham seems to take place in the '80s/'90s so that show could be an actually Batman prequel for Ben Affleck. Otherwise they could just put it in the present. Also, the supervillains are not supervillians yet. Hopefully they won't be for a long time and only the seeds are being planted. Plus, The Joker wasn't present in this trailer. Which is good, because Batman creates The Joker. If they are going with the Killing Joke origin that is.
Constantine could also be connected, because of Justice League Dark. Also, he's more stand alone and could be inserted at any time.


Agents of SHIELD reaction to the MCU movies can also be a downside. Also, the MCU Netflix series are going straight against this argument.
Gotham has enough time between where they start and the first appairance of Affleck's Batman in Batman vs. Superman.

I really like the feel and look of this! Hopefully Fox actually give it a chance.

love it !

City of juuustice! Yeah, city of looooove. City of peeace, for everyone of uuuus. SIMPLY BEcaaause, uh WE all neeeed IT! Caynt liiive without iiit...
GOTHAM CITYYYYYYYYYY, oh yeaaaah!!!!!!

I am actually looking forward to this. So long as it doesn't get tempted to go down the Smallville route of crappy filler episodes and knobhead movie parodies. And also so long as it doesn't get tempted to bring young Bruce more to the forefront and focussing on his teenage angst.

This. Looks. Awesome.

Anyone know if this is coming to the UK too? (please let it be yes!)

This does look awesome, but the fact is that unless it runs for 10 years or leaps ahead by about 10 years, we will never actually see Batman. Which is a shame, because he is the coolest thing about the concept of a show set in Gotham.

I don't understand what you mean, because the MCU Netflix series are ALSO going to be part of the same continuity.

I'll give it a try. There is couple of comments on here about how formulaic and cliche it looks. Really? You got that from a 2 minute clip? We'll done.

Like Matthew said, Netflix series are confirmed to be in in continuity. The reaction Agents had in response to Winter Soldier have been almost unanimously praised and single handedly made the show really good as opposed to okay or bad, depending on who you asked, so I don't know what you mean by that. I think a key difference is that Marvel has been setting up this world building exercise since Iron Man, whereas DC seems to be largely reacting to Marvel's successes. If any of their properties are going to be tied into others, it's going to be retroactively, not proactively. Which makes me think they might not do it across television and just stick to movies.

They should have set it in the 70's or 80's, with the cinematography like life on Mars. Would have been awesome

Is anyone handing out awards for nitpicking, because after watching that all I can think is where is that train going at 1:20?

Seriously, the small block isn't big enough to obscure a station and the track doesn't come out the other side. These things bother me!

"We'll done."


I really had my doubts about this, that changed as soon as I watched the trailer :) I do worry that it's on FOX though, the channel where shows go to die.

Okay, this actually looks exciting.

Unless it's terrible, then it will go on for awhile.

Would be pretty cool if they had the flying graysons appear with the circus and dicks mother is likw 2 months pregnant with him and we find out with a throw away comment, would fit the time line of BvsS "seasoned" batman

Really thought that this might suck hard, but that trailer doesn't look half bad.

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