UPDATED: Meet the characters of Batman prequel, Gotham

News Louisa Mellor 26 Mar 2014 - 06:56

See Gotham's take on Detective Harvey Bullock, butler Alfred Pennyworth, the teenage Catwoman, and more...

So far, Fox's forthcoming Gotham series has unveiled official images of Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock and Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle (aka teen Catwoman). Now comes our first butchers at Jim Gordon himself, Robin Taylor Lord as Oswald Cobblebot (aka The Penguin) and Sean Pertwee as ex-marine-turned-Wayne-Family-butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

We've popped all five new character images below, and will update this post as more arrive. By our count, we're just awaiting the official Fish Mooney image...

Read more about Gotham on Den Of Geek, here.

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Don't suppose there's going to be anything in the fact that Harvey Bullock and Harvey Dent have the same first name? Seems strange to give a character the same, slightly distinctive first name as an existing, well-established character in Batman lore.

Harvey Bullock first appeared in 1974, so blame Archie Goodwin and common names of the period. Anyway, plenty of characters in the same comic have similar names. The fun bit is if they ever get round to introing Jim's niece/adopted daughter Barbara (aka Batgirl) down the line - his wife/fiance's named Barbara. (plus there shouldn't be much confusion if they go with comics - Harvey Bullock is almost exclusively referred to as Bullock by his colleagues when on the clock.)

That is some outstanding casting and costuming for the going-to-be Catwoman. She's almost morphing into a cat right there in the still.

Looks good, but will this somehow be connected to Superman Vs. Batman or Arrow/The Flash or Constantine?

You really don't actually read Batman comics, do you?

Definitely not the first two. Fox and Warner Bros are rivals (and not friendly ones going by the scrap over Watchmen rights) and Fox have explicitly said they don't want or need this to be connected to the new films. Constantine is NBC - no idea where that leaves it, but probably standing alone, outside, in the rain, smoking a cigarette.

All the shows are under the WB umbrella, if not on the network, so connections would be fair game if they wanted (and it has been done before with other shows). I don't think they'd want the films beholden to a tv show though, especially give the age difference in the Waynes.

...not to mention the fact that Harvey Bullock was a very prominent member of the Gotham Police in the Batman Animated Series.

Looking forward to this, despite the rubbish pictures above, I reckon that took roughly 35 minutes to put them together

Nope, I really don't, never claimed to.

Hardly saw any of those either. Perhaps people should be required to pass a Batman Lore Proficiency Test before being allowed to comment on related DoG articles.

Thank you for the explanation!

Wasn't judging you in my comment, so sorry if it appeared that way. Was just offering FR3 an additional suggestion where people could have heard of Bullock, given more people have probably seen the Batman Animated Series than read comics at this point.
And if you ever get the time, I strongly recommend you should try and watch the Batman Animated Series, not too expand your Bat knowledge, but because it easily one of the best animated shows ever produced.

My God. If you you stuck a wig on Sean Pertwee he could easily play the third Doctor. I forgot how much he looks like his father. I couldn't say the same for Micheal or David Troughton unfortunately.

This is hilarious, sorry. x) I'm just really happy to see people actually helping you out and being useful, rather than going crazy and commenting "how dare you not know Harvey Bullock?!"

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