UPDATED: First set photos from Batman prequel, Gotham

News Louisa Mellor 18 Mar 2014 - 08:15

Detective Gordon vaults walls and points guns in these first set pictures from Batman prequel, Gotham...

UPDATE: A first look at Donal Logue in costume as Harvey Bullock has arrived, courtesy of Comic Book Resources, as well as a glimpse of Oswald Cobblepot reading an interesting newspaper headline:

Of the many fine attributes of Neil Hamilton's and Gary Oldman's incarnations of Gotham's Commissioner Gordon, spry wall-vaulting-rootop-running-action isn't one of them. Necessarily so, as both joined Jim Gordon well into his police career.

Ben McKenzie's (Southland, The OC) Gordon in forthcoming Batman prequel series Gotham is a youthful rookie detective, one attempting to clear his city's streets of its peculiar brand of the criminally insane. Hence the action in the first Gotham set photos below.

A few first look pictures at Gotham character Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, have also popped up online, for those who know where to find them. 

Read more about Gotham on Den of Geek, here.

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Someone get this guy a moustache stat! Or at the very least a nice thick pair of specs...

If I know pop cultural writers well enough, I'm guessing this is pictures from the opening scene, he misses because his vision isn't good enough, which leads to a vision test, and a slow reveal of his new glasses – heavy rimmed spectacles. At the time of writing this, the script writers high fived.

If we have to wait 11 series for him to age enough to justify specs, I will burn my Year One comics. Yeah. Give Gordon Goggles!!

I approve of this theory. And then he does Movember (do they have this in the US?) and everyone decrees that if he is no longer allowed to shave his upper lip.

We do have Movember, so that seems like a logical plot development to me.

Maybe pre moustache/glasses flashback sequence? Or maybe the moustache and glasses are added in post, like Superman's cape in Man of Steel. :-p
Talking about Man of Steel, is this in that universe?

Still a better costume than the new Flash

What exactly is the point of this show? Bruce Wayne left Gotham for years returning to become Batman. . .

He probibly won't have glasses or a moustache because they're trying to make the character look young, hip, and generally more accessible to mainstream audiences.

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