James Gordon cast in Batman prequel series, Gotham

News Louisa Mellor 10 Feb 2014 - 06:44

Southland and The OC's Ben McKenzie has been cast as the lead in Commissioner Gordon origin story, Gotham...

Anyone tracking the progress of Gotham, Fox's in-development TV Batman prequel showing the early career of a young Detective Gordon, will want to know that it's found its lead. Southland and The OC's Ben McKenzie (below) will be playing James Gordon in the new series.

McKenzie, no stranger to the blue and badge combo thanks to his role in LAPD-focussed Southland, will be tackling Gotham's dirty streets in the new series, facing classic Batman villains including Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin.

When the news broke this weekend, the actor told fans on Twitter, "All I can promise is I will do my best not to screw this up. Can't wait to get to work."

Read more about Gotham on Den of Geek, here.

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sequel series??

Yeah, have we missed something?

Great choice! Even though I haven't seen the guy before, he sure looks like a Jim Gordon type. Too bad that this show would not be in the same universe as Arrow/The Flash, but I'm still excited to see how this turns out (and I really hope that it would work).

This just sounds terrible, so we're gonna have Penguin, Catwomen, Riddler etc all years before Batman turns up. So the Batman attracts the villains won't be true, Batman will be the newboy when he eventally comes into being & no doubt we'll have odd cameos of a young Bruce Wayne having childhood adventures.

Sounds terrible, by all means make a streets of Gotham but don't use Gordon or any of Batman's Rogue Gallery, lets see a city that is slowly going to rot despite the best intentions of the police, let's see the police force become corrupt over time leading to the time when both Gordon & Batman come of age & start to turn things around.


The one-time voice Batman is now Detective Gordon. Interesting! I think if they focus more on lesser known villains it could be good.

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