Catwoman, The Penguin and more to appear in Gotham series

News Louisa Mellor 14 Jan 2014 - 06:24

Fox's Batman prequel series, Gotham, will welcome classic DC villains including Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin...

Joining the young Commissioner Gordon and an even younger Bruce Wayne in Fox's new Batman prequel series Gotham will be classic DC villains Catwoman, The Penguin and The Riddler, it's been confirmed.

Billed as "the villains who made Gotham City famous", that trio will be causing trouble for the Gotham Police Department in a city "plagued with crime before the arrival of Batman", according to the latest press info. 

Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly explained the scope of the series to the Television Critics Association, "The show will track Bruce from a child (around 12-years-old) until he puts on a cape in the finale. We will see how they get to become what they are as Gotham is teetering on the edge". Reilly went on to describe the in-development show as "an operatic soap with a larger-than-life quality."

UK director Danny Cannon is set to helm the pilot, from a script by The Mentalist's Bruno Heller.

As for the reappearance on TV of Gotham's classic villains, let the fantasy casting begin...

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So basically it's a Batman version of Smallville.

so it will be a bit of an older woman thing with Bruce and Selena?

I think this could be really good if it is only ONE season and it gets it's casting right. The Penguin would be great if played like a mob boss rather than as Danny DeVito and the same goes for The Riddler. He could be a burglar using his wit to crack codes and get away scot-free.

I like this idea.

To be fair, Smallville is a Superman version of the planned Bruce Wayne TV series (which sounds waaaaay more interesting).

On another note, I hope they would tie this with Arrow. With Gotham set about 20 years before Arrow, nobody would get their hands tied when picking villains since they can be present in both timelines. Though that probably won't happen.

I hope this Catwoman would not be Selena, her mother maybe? Kind of like Watchmen's Silk Spectre.

So thatwill be:
The Riddler - Andrew Scott
The Penguin - Andrew Scott
Catwoman -Andrew Scott in drag (fulfilling a certain DoG posters fantasies)

You mean - getting away (Andrew) Scott free?

These villains are apparently beneath batman, or beneath JLA I should say. But at least they're showing up! You hear that marvel?!

you just described everything people complain about arrow and aos lol plus if you take away what the characters actually are you'd basically have a csi clone or something wouldn't you?

The picture reminds me just how much I love Burgess Meridith as Penguin... makes me want to pick my umbrella up... waaaack wack wack wack!

If WB/DC is smart they tie this in with the DC Comics Cinematic Universe, or at least with Arrow and/or Constantine. Altrough for the last one it might not be because Arrow is on The CW, Constantine on NBC and Gotham on FOX.

Also happy not to see The Joker mentioned. I would really dig the Red Hood origin storyline in a Batfleck solo movie. Catwoman might not be a love interest for Batman. At least not if she's introduced in season 1 and is only Selena Kyle.

Not exactly Bruce Wayne will probably be a supporting character with Gordon and Harvey bullock being the main characters. I hope they have flash forward episodes and possibly age him up in the final season because say if the show runs for 8 season he will only be 19/20 years old I don't want a teenage caped crusader though it would be great if a teenage Bruce Wayne learns his detective skills throughout the series

I hope Andrew Scott plays the riddler.

I want to see the court of owls be the series main villians controlling everything from the shadows for anyone that doesn't read batman comics, they are a secret society that controls gotham I would like to see Calvin rose in the series, he is basically the court if owls assassin (talon) that breaks free and fight back against the others

Directed by Danny Cannon? As in Judge Dredd Danny Cannon?

Sounds more interesting than the Gordon storyline but still boring. The only way I can see the character of Bruce Wayne being interesting without the cape is if it focussed on the years he spent in training to be the Batman.

How he learnt his multiple hand to hand combat skills, his detective skills, lockpicking, acrobatics, who he trained with, his mentors, etc. Moving from master to master, picking up new techniques and helping those around him in the process using skills he's learnt or is learning.

I'm a big Smallville fan and a big Arrow fan and I am really looking forward to Flash. I'm a 35 year old married guy with kids but I can't get enough of these shows. Bring it on Gotham!
Is it going to be a mob of crazy criminals sort of like Dick Tracy? Or will each big name bad guy (or girl) get a full season arc? Maybe week-to-week a different big name baddie is setting up the crime and then they get away in the end like the original Batman TV show.
Pilot will probably be Bruce Wayne's parents getting murdered making Bruce start shadowing Gordon to help and try to capture the killers using his money to play kid detective that can get to information the Police cannot...just a guess...

If he is 12, wouldn't Catwoman also be a similar age?

Considering this is on Fox, probably not.

Yup. I think they don't want to be tied-in to anybody, as they said when they announced that Gotham won't be part of the DCCU. Wishful thinking, that's all my previous comment is.

Or Neil Patrick Harris

"The show will track Bruce from a child (around 12-years-old) until he puts on a cape in the finale."

How on earth will this work?!? According to the mythology Bruce leaves Gotham in his teenage years returning after extensive training in martial arts etc. He will be absent for most of the series!!!!


Yes. Also as in director/exec producer of Nikita. & CSI & CSI: NY & CSI: Miami. He has an extensive & successful career in US genre tv.

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