Director attached to Batman prequel series, Gotham

News Louisa Mellor 8 Jan 2014 - 08:01

UK director Danny Cannon is directing the pilot for Fox's Batman prequel series...

Best known TV-wise for his work on CSINikita, and recently, The Tomorow People, Danny Cannon was also the man behind the camera on 1995's Judge Dredd. His next move stateside is to direct and executive produce the pilot for Gotham, Fox's in-development Batman prequel TV series.

Written by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), Gotham is set to "explore the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains who made Gotham City famous". It's been confirmed that a young Bruce Wayne will appear as a regular in the series, with Gordon's investigations into the Wayne double murder forming the basis of the pilot.

Crime-ridden, grimy, pre-Batman Gotham is the backdrop for Gordon's rise through the force, so if this comes to series (and thanks to the deal in place, Fox will pay a hefty penalty if it doesn't) we can expect to see some familiar faces in the police line-up.

Read more about Gotham at Den of Geek, here.


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Holy crap, Gotham...with no Batman, no costumed villains and some weak story about James Gordon's origin? No thanks. Arrow is awesome, Flash will be awesome, but this is crap. I will do the one responsible thing I can do when they put stupid ideas on television. I won't watch it. The American television industry needs to stop being ashamed of making superhero television. It's like they don't believe there are enough people who would watch. I suppose they could be right, heaven knows no one goes to see movies like Man of Steel or The Dark Knight, and Avengers tanked right? So go ahead and keep it up.

My geek math says Creator of Rome + Gotham Central = Awesome. I hope my sums are accurate!

I'm interested in this, but as with everything, it's all about the writing. It sounds like it could be an interesting exploration of the DCU, but it would need to be a gritty cop show, that might highlight the need for Batman, but is really about Gordon and Gotham.

Hopefully this will be 'Person of Interest' cool.

What's the point? If it doesn't feature any superpowered characters, isn't this just going to be CSI Gotham? In which case, why bother? If it could be set in any other city with no connection to the DCU and revolve around any old double homicide with an orphaned victim, then what's the appeal?

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