10-year-old Bruce Wayne to be a regular in Gotham

News Louisa Mellor 9 Dec 2013 - 07:43

Bruce Wayne will make regular appearances in Fox's new live-action DC show Gotham, but as a ten year old...

When the news first arrived that Fox had made a commitment to live-action Batman-universe TV series, Gotham, centring on the story of young Detective James Gordon in the crime-ridden city, timelines dictated that The Dark Knight would not appear. Bruce Wayne, however, is a different matter. 

According to TV Show Auditions, a casting call has gone out for a "10-year-old Bruce Wayne" to feature amongst the new series regulars. That's one choice role, and an announcement that has us scanning our minds for likely candidates.

Filming for the pilot episode is due to begin in March, 2014 and centre on Det. Gordon's investigation of "the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne".

More on Gotham as it arrives...

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Ok, I'm just gonna say it...does anybody actually care about this show or excited to see it? This will essentially be another generic cop show.

Fox has Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human and Brooklyn Nine Nine. All of which are good cop shows. I hope Gotham will follow its siblings.

And please - just be better than Agents of SHIELD.

WTF? Who the hell cares about Jim Gordon without Batman? Why are TV execs so scared to put actual superheroes on the tube? They've gotta dance around it with "realism" or a show about fricking mid-level agents. I like Smallville at times, but that was the most frustrating show ever. One of the reasons Arrow is so good is that it's actually got superhero action!

This could potentially me interesting to see i.e. the descent of Gotham and the evolution of Gordon into weathered detective. I assume that the death of the Wayne's will occur during the first season or at the end of it.

And that's why I can't wait for Marvel's Netflix shows.

OK, but will it be set in the same universe as Man of Steel, Batman VS Superman and possibly Arrow and The Flash?

Let's also hope that Fox handles Gotham with better care than Almost Human. They're going all Firefly on that show messing with the episode order.

Depends on the characters used. The Gotham City PD does have characters in it that have personalities so if they can make those characters interesting, they can do this.

Unlike SHIELD, which had one returning cast member and a bunch of newbies

Good question. Is this 10 year old Ben Affleck? I could say Ben 10 but thats somebody else. Batboy it is.

Nitpick Alert!!! Two: Maria Hill and Nick Fury.

If they hire the right scriptwriters etc, this has huge potential, I say get Vince Gilligan in

"Filming for the pilot episode is due to begin in March, 2014 and centre on Det. Gordon's investigation of "the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne"

Come on, man. Read the article first. But I agree with you, this could be interesting.

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