First trailer for new E4 drama Glue

Trailer Louisa Mellor
4 Aug 2014 - 16:48

Written by The Fades and This Is England's Jack Thorne is new crime mystery, Glue, coming to E4 in September...

The first two series of Skins, This Is England '86 and '88, and The Fades are all the recommendation anyone should need to watch a new Jack Thorne-written drama, never mind that Glue, Thorne's new eight-part series coming to E4 this September, is looking pretty special in its own right.

Inspired by Thorne's childhood fascination with countryside life around Newbury stables, Glue depicts a rural world little seen on television, one far from cosy period caricatures and full of "ambition, hope, darkness and anarchy".

A teen murder mystery set in a tiny village in the English countryside, Glue tells a story of adolescence, sex, violence and secrets, starring a promising cast including Submarine's Yasmin Paige, Starred Up's Tommy McDonnell, Harry Potter's Jessica Cave, Line Of Duty's Charlotte Spencer, The Sarah Jane Adventures' Tommy Lawrence Knight, and newcomer Jordan Stephens.

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