Game Of Thrones season 4 VFX reel

News Louisa Mellor 9 Jul 2014 - 07:34

See exactly what Game Of Thrones' visual effects artists did to create the impressive look of season four...

In all the praise for screenwriters, directors and cast, the panoply of technical genius that goes in to making a season of HBO's Game Of Thrones risks going unmentioned. Visual effects houses like Mackevision, the one showcasing their work on the series below, conjure backdrops and entire landscapes using skill, physics, and niftily applied design software.

The sea on which the boat carrying Arya to Braavos travelled in the season four finale? Conjured. The Red Keep backdrop to The Mountain and The Red Viper's trial-by-combat? Conjured. The armies behind Ramsay Snow and Roose Bolton's father-son chat? Conjured, conjured, conjured.

In salute to those often undersung talents then, enjoy just one showreel of just some of the hugely impressive visual effects that go in to making your favourite TV show...

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That's some brilliant use of CG effects right there. Hugely detailed shots, but they're not being shown off in Transformers "look at me I'm a CG shot!" style. Though since there was no footage from the battle on the Wall or of more dynamic elements like Dany's dragons, I'm guessing a separate effects company handled those. I'd love to see how many elements and layers comprised the shots with giants and mammoths in.

it's impressive just how much is CG that I thought was real (you guess that castles and dragons are, but not the roofs of buildings).

I love all this stuff - the attention to detail never ceases to impress me.

This is gold! You should post more of these videos!

Damn. That be some amazing special effects.

They fascinate me these reels, particularly the work that goes by unnoticed like the environmental assets. I saw an interview with John Gaeta after The Matrix where he pointed out that, while Neo dodging bullets was the money shot, there was much more impressive work going on in the background by way of creation of digital environments that had gone by completely unnoticed as they appeared so real. Amazing, great work from all the artists involved, hats off.

I started to rewatch them the other week and and noticed how small and studio like the early ones felt like compared to the later works.

Fantastic stuff.

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