New director joins Game Of Thrones season 5

News Louisa Mellor 4 Jul 2014 - 17:25

Breaking Bad director Michael Slovis will be behind the camera for 2 episodes of Game Of Thrones' 5th season...

After directing four of the ten episodes in Game Of Thrones' solid fourth season (The Lion And The Rose, Breaker Of Chains, The Mountain And The Viper, The Children), Alex Graves told Collider earlier this year he would be taking a well-deserved break from Westeros for season five, with plans to return for season six.

That left a Graves-shaped hole in the Game Of Thrones' fifth season directing roster, one now filled by Michael Slovis (Breaking BadLaw & Order: SVUChicago Fire). Director and cinematographer Slovis confirmed at a Behind The Lens event in May that he will be behind the camera for the first two episodes of season five. 

Slovis, who has directing credits on four episodes of Breaking Bad (KafkaesqueCorneredLive Free Or DieConfessions) and director of photography credits on over twenty, is a newcomer to Game Of Thrones, a show that tends to draw from a small pool of behind-the-camera regulars, recently including Graves, Michelle Maclaren, David Nutter and Alik Sakharov, alongside showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

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His experience on breaking bad should help the next series. It'll need directors who can make "nothing happening" seem riveting...


Day 57 of Brienne's journal: Still not found Sansa yet.

I'd love to see Tim Van Patten come back to the series! Maybe once he's finished up with Boardwalk Empire...

Van Patten was great in season 1, as well as Alan Taylor. Daniel Minahan was good also. Sakharov needs to go though, his episodes had arguably some of the biggest gaffs in season 4

I know I'm in the vast minority here but books 4 and 5 are my favourites. In fact Brienne's storyline from book 4 is my favourite arc from the entire series. That being siad I think everyone (besides me of course) can rest easy because they've only got three seasons left. Meaning they'll have to do four books in three seasons. I think you can expect an enormous amount from books 4 and 5 to be cut.

Learning that there's an anti-ADWD meme was a shocking moment for me. Easily the best book so far -- everything good happens in it. Come on people, it's chock full of Tyrion and Arya. And if you don't like reading Arya and Tyrion, you're a very bad person.

Some people are just getting fatigued by the ongoing stories in general and taking it out on ADWD because it's the newest.

It's some of the Tyrion stuff that I struggle although I'm sure with the creative team and dinklage in there it'll translate very well to screen. And yes the arya stuff is very gd.

Shame about the other 1400 pages :-/

I found briennes arc to be very repetitive and un memorable. It's all very internal in the book, and although her journey in the series has improved on the boom immeasurably, I don't see it lasting.

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