Game Of Thrones video: explaining the season 4 finale

Viral Video Louisa Mellor 18 Jun 2014 - 07:32

HBO has released a neat 8-minute video of Game Of Thrones' David Benioff and D.B. Weiss dissecting the events of season 4 episode 10...

"This whole season is about learning hard lessons from your ruthless elders"

Before we start, here be serious spoilers for anyone not yet up-to-date with Game Of Thrones  4.10 The Children. If you haven't seen it then scram, go on, get.

The video below sheds insight from the showrunners and writers of Game Of Thrones' season four finale, David Weiss and D.B. Benioff into some of the events of The Children. See them discuss Stannis' feelings on Jon Snow, Cersei's revelation to Tywin, Dany's sacrifice for the good of her people, Brienne and The Hound's encounter, Arya's decision regarding the latter, and finally, the actions of Tyrion before making his escape. Though they don't venture into Bran's supernatural storyline here, it's good, meaty stuff to hear straight from the horses' mouths...


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the actor played the hound was awesome! just the range of emotions he showed, with just tweeks of personality to the crying out to Arya begging to kill him, bravo sir!

Oh Arya, you ungrateful b*****!

They do this every week....

The more words I hear coming out of David Benioff's mouth the more sure I am that he's completely out of his depth in this show. He can use poetic words but they're all surface.

So a perfect fit for the books then?

Of course we don't know if the Hound really dies...

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