Game Of Thrones episode 4.10 photos

News Louisa Mellor
17 Jun 2014 - 06:45

HBO has released a bunch of spoiler-y stills from Game Of Thrones' season 4 finale, The Children...

Warning: contains spoilers (as if that wasn't obvious)

Usually, promo images are released before an episode airs, to be pored over and interpreted by fans in the "Is that?" "Could he be?" "No!" mode. Understandably when you see them, HBO wisely decided to keep these glossy stills from the Game Of Thrones season four finale, The Children, back until we'd all had a chance to watch the episode. If you haven't yet, then step away from this post, far, far away.

Here goes then, relive The Children, in static image form, see Tywin Lannister seated on two different kinds of throne, the Hound meeting Brienne, and more...


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