Game Of Thrones season 4 finale photos

News Louisa Mellor 12 Jun 2014 - 07:05

HBO has released a few promo images from its much-anticipated season four finale, The Children...

They don't give much away, this clutch of promo images for the Game Of Thrones season four finale, The Children, but then that's how we like it. First up is Danaerys looking sad in a posh frock, then Arya looking ambitious in rags, Meera Reed looking concerned in furs with Bran and Hodor in the background, then The Hound and Arya, both looking surprised and frankly, in need of a bath.

The Children concludes Game Of Thrones' steadily superb fourth season on Sunday the 15th in the US and Monday the 16th of June in the UK, and promises to send it off with a bang. You won't want to miss it... 

Winter Is Coming

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Daenerys looked out of the window and saw a bird eating a worm.
Now she's sad about the worm.

Its more likely that she saw a dragon roasting a goat.

It wasn't a goat...

All i think of when i see that image of Arya and the Hound is Arya saying "You talking to me?" pointing at herself lol


If you pause the trailer at the part where this still is taken from, you see a shoulder in armour. The armour looks a lot like the one Brienne wears.
If so, that would mean the producers choose to leave the Hound/monastary loop away. Which makes sense, seeing as Rorge is already dead

Daenerys...pretty girl...but not a natural Blonde judging by the deep brown of her overly fat eyebrows or her extremely hairy right arm ?
Still a babe though !
I cannot believe there is only 1 more episode to go before this season is all over...
....I also can't believe how Jon Snow got the dragons to defend the wall, fought his own father resurrected as a white walker , kills Sam by mistake only to then die and come back as a white walker himself, but one with self awareness !
Amazing show....but boy...don't go and make a cuppa whilst it's miss so much !

The carcass had horns so at least some of it was goat

Agreed and the part when Jon found out Ned was his son sent to him from the future by himself was just wild.

Could be a kid. Boom, boom. I'll get my coat.

Because a Dragon would only eat once?


You dick.

Loving the non-sexualised marketing via lady characters.

Sad daenerys meme time

You guys have no idea what's in store. (barring the book readers) Man I can't wait to see the first reactions after the finale has aired. This promises to be the best finale to date.

This is as far as I'm allowing myself to scroll down the comments section until Tuesday.

Neither is Lena Headey - I read that they cast brunettes deliberately so that they would tan, or something. Since aesthetics interest you.

Lol - she didn't dye her hair BTW. It's a wig.

The light showing her arm hair doesn't make for a very flattering photo, does it? Mind you, judging from the criticisms I've seen about unrealistic female "landscaping" in GoT, you could argue that her hairy self is somewhat more realistic.

The spelling mistakes, caps and mental punctuation didn't even imply to you that I was being sarcastic?

The spelling mistakes, caps and insane punctuation didn't even imply to you that I was being sarcastic?

Oh, you poor sensitive soul you. :-D

Does Arya give you wood?

what you on about?

I doubt that she loses too much sleep having her physical appearance reviewed and criticised on a website called 'denofgeek'...........


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