Trailers for Game Of Thrones season 4 finale

Trailer Simon Brew 9 Jun 2014 - 07:15

Here are the promo trailers for Game Of Thrones season 4 episode 10, The Children...

We'll start with the inevitable spoiler warning. If you're not up to date with Game Of Thrones, then these are not videos that you want to be watching. If you are? Well let the countdown to the Game Of Thrones season 4 finale begin.

Entitled The Children, the final episode of the current run airs in the US next Sunday (and in the UK the day after). And here's a taster of what we can expect.

Once the episode is done? Then the near year-long wait for Game Of Thrones season 5 begins..,

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ding dong, cersei in a thong , yes please

Can't wait. Just finished a storm of swords part 2 so i hope somewhere during the season finale we get THAT BIT from the book's epilogue in there. I see three ways it will close out the season.....SPOILERS FOLLOW

1: That bit involving Tyrion, Varys & Jaime
2: A character we haven't seen for a few episodes showing up at castle black
3: Someone we thought was dead turns up...

Nice turn from Aamon Targ this week, GREAT to see Jon FINALLY get 'proper lethal'; got a little chill when he drew Longclaw for the 1st time later on in the ep, must admit, to my shame, Harrington is starting to win me over... sad to say farewell to the Night's Watch boys for the final time, here all they way ffrom season one, the actors always held it together admirably with little screen time.... Ygritte... well... don't think any of us will really miss her, and let us all hail the MIGHT of Wun-Wun!!! We've lost a lot of great characters this season - Jack Gleeson, the dude who plays Magnar of Thenn, the wonderful Pedro Pascal, all of whom I'm very sad to see go...... and it's NOT OVER YET. ;) GoT IS Monday morning!

Can't be all three though can it? I feel like this last ep should be three hours long.

Dafuq are these?? (Screenshot from end of trailer)


If number 3 doesn't show up in the last episode I am going to be so pissed.


I'm guessing they'll either save that for season 5 or possibly even scrap it entirely. But I hope I'm wrong.

I would love a three hour game of thrones

I don't know how much comes of it in the books as I've only just started a feast for crows.

And of course there are still two or three books yet to be written, so it may have a significance I know nothing of.


Teeth? ;-)

Number 3 should be the cliffhanger surely? Don't think can bear the idea of waiting a whole year to see 3 on screen, if that is the cliffhanger (although, let's be honest, that would be a truly brilliant cliffhanger!)

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