Game Of Thrones becomes HBO's most popular show

News Simon Brew 6 Jun 2014 - 06:27

Game Of Thrones overtakes The Sopranos to give HBO its biggest ratings in its history.

The enduring success of Game Of Thrones makes the following story not much of a surprise, but given what went before it, it's still an impressive achievement. Game Of Thrones has become the most popular show in the history of HBO.

Its peak ratings have now overtaken those enjoyed by previous record holder The Sopranos, and already, Game Of Thrones - on US numbers alone - has boosted its viewing figures by over 4 million from season three. Given that we're heading into the last two episodes of season four, we suspect the record may be broken again.

HBO has already ordered two more seasons of Game Of Thrones, and if its success continues at such a rate, who would bet against two more after that?

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Well there's a surprise... :P

Long may it reign.

Well apart from the plot, writing, directing, acting and violence (which are peerless of course) - we all know why it's as successful as it is (and this is a blatant steal from Honest Trailers) ........ BEWWWWWBS!

I remember seeing the pilot for the first time. About a day after it had aired in the US. I went online and told all my friends about how great it was and that they should watch it and they all thought I had gone completely nuts recommending a fantasy tv show to them. (remember this was back when fantasy tv show meant xena rip off) Four years later each and everyone of them is watching it. So yeah word of mouth works imo.

and Bums! I don't think it's only popular with straight males and lesbians.

the writing and direction has been poor for the most part this season with one or two episodes excepted

8 seasons and movie!

................ whaaaaaat? Personal opinion and all but ........... whaaaaat? keeled my sister, you murdered her children...
Still can't get that out of my head

and the screams and crunching sound...."shudders" lol

just off the top of my head, there was the jaimie/cersai rape scene, the stuff at crastors, yara's attempt to rescue theon, don't get me wrong i still enjoy the show but there have been many missteps this season

I guess this is how you justify the mad amount of money they spend on each episode. I would love to see all the stats

Haha same here. Most people I know aren't that into genre shows. "It has dragons?! Lame!" "No but there's more!"
Now almost every one of my friends watches.

Arya FTW!

$6 million per episode is a lot of money by any standard, but it's only half of what HBO spent on each Band of Brothers episode and less than a third of The Pacific. HBO must think it's worth it or they wouldn't do it.

As a personal opinion, of course, perfectly valid, but the viewing figures would rather suggest that this is not an obvious representation of the status of the series as a whole.

Yes, this.

I'm tempted to respond to this news with, "Well, DUH!", but I suspect the snarkiness in that response is more fueled by my being woken up too early by our puppy...

In my opinion there aren't as many nude/sex scenes in GoT now as there where in season 1 and as in Spartacus and True Blood. Once watched True Blood... I was almost sure I was watching a hardcore pron.

How dare you.

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