Game Of Thrones becomes HBO's most popular show

News Simon Brew
6 Jun 2014 - 06:27

Game Of Thrones overtakes The Sopranos to give HBO its biggest ratings in its history.

The enduring success of Game Of Thrones makes the following story not much of a surprise, but given what went before it, it's still an impressive achievement. Game Of Thrones has become the most popular show in the history of HBO.

Its peak ratings have now overtaken those enjoyed by previous record holder The Sopranos, and already, Game Of Thrones - on US numbers alone - has boosted its viewing figures by over 4 million from season three. Given that we're heading into the last two episodes of season four, we suspect the record may be broken again.

HBO has already ordered two more seasons of Game Of Thrones, and if its success continues at such a rate, who would bet against two more after that?

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