Game Of Thrones season 4: The Watchers On The Wall trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 2 Jun 2014 - 07:14

Neil Marshall directs next week's Game Of Thrones episode, and it promises to be something spectacular...

"Love is the death of duty"

We don't need to tell you that episode nines in Game Of Thrones are in the habit of being very special indeed (BaelorBlackwater, The Rains Of Castamere). Season four's entry, The Watchers On The Wall, promises to be exactly that, not least thanks to the presence of director Neil Marshall (The Descent).

Marshall proved with season two's battle episode, Blackwater that he could provide spectacular incident and action on a wide stage, and he promises to repeat that coup in season four's The Watchers On The Wall. The episode sees the Crows at Castle Black finally face the attack they've been planning for all season...

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Not having read the books (to this point as least) is it bad that I'm not excited for this episode? I'm sure it will be a spectacle but we've known this was coming since day one and we've known the nights watch was screwed for just as long. The only real question is who survives and who dies.

It's not about the twists. It's about the epicness that will come in this episode. Blackwater had not twists, yet it is one of the top 5 of the series thus far.

Yeah but it had characters we cared about. Since Jon Snow is one of the least interesting characters in the show/books, it feels like there's a lot less at stake here. Due to the budget limitations, the battles in Game of Thrones aren't great because of the effects and spectacle, but because of the characters we care about. All Blackwater had was one green explosion, but because it put interesting characters in danger, fans everywhere loved it. The only even remotely interesting character in the north is Ygritte, and I'm not sure that's enough. I am much more excited about the season finale, which will presumably take place primarily in King's Landing.

Sam Tarly 'not remotely interesting'? You are dead to me

I have read the book and this is my least anticipated episode of the season yet. In the books The Battle of Blackwater was beyond epic. The battle on the wall...less so. I do expect Neill Marshall to make it into something far more spectacular but the scope just isn't there. The BoB was a defining moment in the history of Westeros. The Wall...personally I don't much care what happens on the wall. Those are always the chapters I skim through when reading the books so as to get back to the real action much quicker. I will say though that they did make the Wall storyline more interesting by adding far more to the White Walker plot then there is in the books. The Wildlings are kind of boring but the White Walkers might eventually prove to be the biggest threat of all. (books aren't finished yet so don't know for sure)

Couldn't agree more. Jon is one of my least favourte characters. Sam is great but I don't need to see him a whole episode to remind me of that. I will guarantee though that the finale will be amazing and yes mostly centered around KL dealing though it might just be that the biggest shocker will happen in a storyline far outside of KL where you don't see it coming.

I think it all depends on which characters you find interesting, which is always one of the great aspects of this show. Personally, I find Jon a bit overly earnest and one note so have never really warmed to him. Friends of mine think he's the best character in the show. I see others like Sam Tarly, a character I'd have gladly seen slip off the wall a long time ago. Last night's episode threatened the status quo by having Sansa being interesting and not just weepy. I'll be watching this coming epsiode for the spectacle more than anything else. I'm with you on looking forward to the finale (with the double edged sword that this means another year waiting for the next season).

BLAH BLAH, what about Tyrion?


Couldn't disagree more. It's made quite clear that the wall is where the history of Westeros will be decided, not by the actions of Kings. As far as the wildlings go, the book has many interesting things to say in the aftermath about the rights and wrongs of their attack which the TV show has touched upon, and I think there will be far more dramatic depth than people realize. Jon is quietly the most interesting character on the show; his arc is one of the best and it comes to a head around this time. And as for the battle itself....well......Giants.

Sorry to say, but Tyrion's fate is of little importance to the overall story. What happens at the wall is the most important, and if you dislike the characters there, I'm afraid Game of Thrones isn't going to entertain you much in the future

That's like reading the Lord of the Rings and being like "I'll just skim through all of this Frodo and Sam stuff, what's happening with Aragorn is way more important!".
If you're not invested in The Wall storyline and truly honestly think BoB is a more defining moment in Westerosi history than the major happenings at The Wall (Hell I think mutiny at Craster's is overall more important than BoB), I'm afraid you've completely misread the books (though no wonder since you skimmed The Wall chapters). You are aware that the next book is called Winds of Winter? Needless to say it's about The Wall, wall, wall and the North for the most part.

All the "real" action is at The Wall. It's where the future of the whole realm is decided. King's Landing stuff is the side story, and Daenerys's mishaps in Essos is the side-side story.

Undoubtedly the war at the wall is going to determine the future of westeros but if you invest in the characters you'll probably enjoy the story a lot more. And this is GoT, an individuals actions can cause massive reverberations felt throughout the books/seasons. Until it is written we can't really say who is important and who is not. Whether you like or dislike the characters, it is still brilliant to get swept up by the story

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