Game Of Thrones season 4: The Mountain And The Viper photos

News Louisa Mellor 28 May 2014 - 07:55

Step this way for a clutch of photos from Game Of Thrones' next episode, The Mountain And The Viper...

What a tease HBO is. They call an episode The Mountain And The Viper, trail the fight referenced by that title in every teaser or trailer released since Christmas, and then when it comes to the episode's official promo images, neither a Mountain nor a Viper is to be seen.

Still, there's not long to wait now for season four's eighth episode, which arrives in the US on Sunday the 1st and in the UK on Monday the 2nd of June.

In the meantime, let's busy ourselves with this selection of pictures from the 'also-ran' events in next week's Game Of Thrones. In order, we have Ellaria Sand, Sansa Stark, The Hound and Arya, Arya Stark, Dany and Missandei, Ser Baristan and Greyworm, Ser Jorah Mormont, Tywin Lannister and Maester Pycelle.

Watch the trailer for the episode, here.


Winter Is Coming

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Pycelle looks like a Draugr

Oh Sansa, cheer up it could be worse right?

Love 'The Mountain and The Viper', without a single shot of Mountain or Viper. Nice one.

HOW????? Just.... how.... how could life possibly be worse for the poor girl?

Um... Lysa could still be alive?

Joffery could still be alive?

Clearly it can't get worse, it'll be all cheery from now. *spoilers* Baelish (with his new Irish accent) will turn out to be her saviour, she will soon be re-united with Arya and be protected by both Brienne and the Hound (who will marry each other). Then again...

Now that's a rewrite I would love to see! one can dream

That's Missandei, not Melisandre.

Dany and Melisandre? I went straight to look for that one, would have been a massive change from what I was expecting the Red Woman to do but it turned out just to be Missandei.

I Wanna see the Imp (IE The viper maybe) Fight the Mountain.

Yup, that sounds exactly like the way Martin would write it...

Skyrim, and yes.

Iain Glen has a slight look of 1970's Shatner in that photo - obviously minus the TJ Hooker hairdo.

Please do not kill the Red Viper. He is such a lively and exciting character and played so well by Pedro Pascal. I am hoping they change the script for this one. They have changed so many things from the books so change this please.

There's the Viper's kinda lover, and the Mountain's brother...enough, I guess. :/ does get kinda better. I doubt she realises it has though.

Thanks for that :|

Soooo when are the producers/writers going to stop screwing over Stannis' character and use his draw wit humor?

Watch out, non-readers, there are spoilers in the commens. Trust me, you do not want to read these.

What a tease. Arya with the hound and Arya without the hound?

The way Brienne's scene last week ended, I worry we're heading for a Brienne/Hound showdown sometime very soon...

I realise I may have been extremely naive with my comment. This is Game Of Thrones, OF COURSE THINGS CAN GET WORSE! And they probably will.

This may be the one...

I agree, it is a dick move to post spoilers, but honestly if you haven't learned that people post spoilers in every single article about GoT's, that is on you.
Also in response to Gail- that would make no sense for the rest of the story. The butterfly effect would be ridiculous.

Posting spoilers after the show has aired is expected. Posting spoilers before airing is a dick move.

No she will be running into Lady Stonrheart,

As a reader of the books, of all of the scenes through the first three books, I hope that they stay true to this one the most. It's a very detailed and intense scene near the end of A Storm of Swords, and I'm hoping that HBO gives the scene its due.

This is probably the most anticipated scene in this season after Joffrey's death of course.


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