Game Of Thrones season 4: The Mountain And The Viper trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 19 May 2014 - 08:04

See a glimpse of the next Game Of Thrones episode, The Mountain And The Viper, here...

Warning: contains a plot detail for Game Of Thrones 4.8

Episode eight of the current Game Of Thrones season, The Mountain And The Viper, promises a fight that's been trailed for months. Episode seven reintroduced The Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) as Cersei's champion in Tyrion's forthcoming trial by combat, whose enormous heft will be pitted against the lithe speed and tricks of The Viper, Prince Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal).

See clips from that fight and more in the episode trailer below.

Remember that Game Of Thrones is taking a one-week break before The Mountain And The Viper airs, and will return on Sunday the 1st and Monday the 2nd of June in the US and UK respectively.


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screw waiting 2 weeks for the next one

it's a disgrace isn't it! i've been waiting for this episode since the start of season 4 and now they're making me wait longer. not cool

What?! Two weeks?!

Reckon this one is going to be the season highlight.


Next w/e is a national holiday in the US. Monday is Memorial Day, and Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kick-off for summer. GoT, like many other major shows, usually goes dark on Memorial Day Weekend.

Two week wait????? Aw dammit!

Any chance of not having episode titles in the article titles please? I cant understand why anyone would ever watch a trailer for an ep of GOT.

My name is Oberyn Martell, you killed by sister and her babies, prepare to die!

exactly it's a us holiday not a uk holiday not a japanease holiday a us holiday there for shouldn't the show still be able in other countries

Although, somewhat unfortunately for your point, assuming you are from the UK, it is a UK holiday on the same day. And if we followed the local holiday cancellation rule the UK would be an additional two episodes behind.

I think I prefer the existing option.

Yeah...It's actually what happens after the trial by combat that's going to be the highlight....

What ?????
How does that effect you or anybody having the Ep tittle there.
You can't understand why anyone would like to watch next weeks trailer ...Well it's because some people like TV shows and they can get excited by what's coming up next...TV shows are sometimes written that way ..

Because anyone who hasn't seen s04e06 just had it ruined by seeing this title.

I am from the uk


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