Game Of Thrones season 4: new episode titles and synopses

News Louisa Mellor 14 May 2014 - 07:45

HBO has released the titles and plot synopses of Game Of Thrones' final season four episodes...

Game Of Thrones's fourth season will take a one-week break after next week's episode seven, Mockingbird, so we and our US chums need to find something else to occupy us for an hour on the evenings of Sunday the 25th/Monday the 26th of May. 

Season four returns to HBO for the first of its final three episodes on the 1st of June, and by the looks of its title, it's going to be a biggie. Episode eight, The Mountain And The Viper comes directed by established Thrones director, Alex Graves, and, like all of season four's remaining episodes, written by showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. The official synopsis is as follows: "Unexpected visitors arrive in Mole's Town; Littlefinger's motives are questioned; Ramsay tries to prove himself to his father; Tyrion's fate is decided."

Following that on Sunday the 8th of June is The Watchers On The Wall, directed by none other than Neil Marshall, who helmed season two's stunning Blackwater. The synopsis for that episode is short and sweet: "Jon Snow and the Night's Watch face a big challenge". We'd wager it's not a burst pipe, that challenge.

Then finally on Sunday the 15th of June comes The Children, directed once again by Alex Graves, in which, "Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival from north of the Wall; Dany must face harsh realities; Bran learns more about his destiny; Tyrion sees the truth about his situation."

And then, just like that, Game Of Thrones season four will be gone.

Winter Is Coming

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I'd be very surprised if episode 9 or 10 don't deal with a certain "Holy crap!" Moment from the latter half of A Storm of Swords. I dare not spoil anything for TV viewers, but suffice to say I'm looking forward to the reaction online.

If I'm thinking what your thinking I've seen a couple of teasers which would suggest it defiantly happens in this season. I'd guess as a cliffhanger ending for episode 10.

that particular momement from what ive been told by a friend who works on the show here in belfast is def in episode 10

Only 4 eps left, it's gone so quickly, then begins the long slog until next March :(

Why exactly is there a break? These constant hiatuses throughout seasons is really irritating - it's not like Game of Thrones is even a long series, it's just 10 episodes!! Exciting it may be, but I don't really need a week off to recover from it!

It's for labour day in America. Apparantly they do things

Not a burst pipe, no. It's the Countdown Conundrum.
And Sam can't help because he's representing Castle Black on Maestermind.
It's wet-your-breeches time.

What's interesting is that each of the four episodes will feature a major death...

Yeah, the title of episode 10 makes it a dead cert that the significant moments in Tyrion's and Dany's plotlines are gonna happen.

You're sure about this. If it does happen it won't be Merrett frey or any random Frey, but probably Brienne and podrick.

Haven't read the books, so here are my guesses!!

E07. Littlefinger/Sansa/Lysa
E08. The Mountain
E09. Sam/Jon (doubt it's Jon)
E10. Ser Jorah/Selmy/Tywin (outside chance)

Interesting guesses... obviously I'm not gonna say if you're right or not. :P

there need to be more people like you, allowing the non-book readers to enjoy the surprises! you mr turner are a legend!

It's not labour day but veteran's day i.e. the US equivalent of remembrance Sunday.

Memorial Day

Any word on whether episode 9 is receiving the same treatment as the battle of blackwater, and having a whole episode dedicated to it? Hard to see how they could do it justice if not.

I do sometimes wish that there was a thread here where we could discuss our thoughts on this show without worrying about whether we were giving away spoilers from the books (albeit not too far ahead, ie only in terms of the present season rather than all the way to the last published book). One of the aspects that I've learnt to enjoy about the show is the way it does differ from the books (while still broadly following their narrative, unlike the Walking Dead which sometimes seems merely to be inspired by the comics, and works very well in that way). This week's episode, for example, featured a number of moments that differed from what we might have expected, but was all the better for it, and the Red Wedding itself was (in my view) more shocking on screen than in the books (and that was massively shocking to me when I read it). As we come to the second half of this season there are a number of things that I am anticipating from having read the books, but (frankly) am still excited to see how they/if they are portrayed on screen. I, for one, would be very happy if one event in particular did not play out as it does/did in the books (and, honestly, I'm not sure it was a great idea for it to do so) but I guess I'll have to wait until this season is over before we can all discuss it.

i think that is the plan from what i've read online but I can't remember exactly where

Seeing as the synopsis doesn't mention anything else it looks likely. Although maybe Arya will have a brief section, and maybe any other characters currently on a bit of a slow section of their arc, but if that's the case it'll probably just be padding.

Cait stark comes back from the dead

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