Game Of Thrones season 4: Purple Wedding pictures

News Louisa Mellor
10 Apr 2014 - 07:08

King Joffrey and Queen Margaery tie the knot in 3 new pictures from Game Of Thrones' forthcoming episode, The Lion And The Rose...

Here's a few snaps for the Lannister family album: some romantic shots of King Joffrey the... what's his epithet going to be? The Blonde? The Cruel? The Utter ****? Whatever it is, here he is with his lady wife, Queen Margaery formerly of Highgarden, now of King's Landing.

You're all good people, so let's keep the comments section free of spoilers. A Song Of Ice And Fire readers need only keep their powder dry for a few more days...

Watch the trailer for episode 4.2, The Lion And The Rose, here.

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