Lots and lots of Game Of Thrones season 4 pictures

News Louisa Mellor 3 Apr 2014 - 06:41

If it's glossy stills from the Game Of Thrones season 4 opener you're after, then you've come to the right place...

Usually, we fill this top bit up with words, but there are simply too many new images below from Game Of Thrones season four to fit in anything more than the following: here be Game Of Thrones season four opener pictures. Fill your Westerosi boots.

Game Of Thrones starts on Sunday the 6th on HBO and Monday the 7th of April on Sky Atlantic.


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Uh-oh. Tywin's wearing his "How many times...?" face.

"Wherever whores go"... [Thrummm]
Can't wait!

AAAAAAAAAH so excited!!

Dance is superbly chilling as Lord Vetinari in Going Postal, but his Tywin makes his Vetinari look like Geoffrey from Rainbow.
Must take a lot of skill to up your own game like that.

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