Game Of Thrones season 4: Two Swords trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 3 Apr 2014 - 06:45

Just days from its US and UK premiere, HBO has released a short trailer for the Game Of Thrones season 4 opener, Two Swords...

In thirty seconds, the trailer below skips through the major components of Two Swords, the Game Of Thrones season four opener.

There's Dany and her army of freed slaves marching on Meereen; Jon Snow fighting his corner at Castle Black; Ygritte, Tormund and new Wildling arrivals, the Thenns; a glimpse at Jamie and Cersei Lannister's reunion; a look at Sansa, Tyrion and Shae; and an exchange between the one-handed swordsman and his Hand of the King father, Tywin. Not to forget Arya and the Hound's stop off for a pint at a local inn, and the introduction of The Red Viper, Prince Oberyn Martell, a man whose arrival in King's Landing makes er, quite an impression.

See the promo below and the whole episode on Sunday the 6th of April in the US on HBO, simulcast on Sky Atlantic in the early hours of Monday the 7th of April, then repeated later that day in the UK at 9pm.

Read our spoiler-free review of Two Swords, here.

Winter Is Coming

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So what's this Game of Thrones thing, it looks interesting, is this one of those 'under the radar' shows?

I'm not sure they will renew for another season tbh, just can't see it getting the ratings

Well not only have the network failed to promote it, clearly it just doesn't get word-of-mouth support either.

I hear it's doing great on DVR.

Is it like Lord of the Rings?

Don't watch it. The plot is full of holes, vacuous and shallow. Wooden, cliched characters and poor acting. Cheesy production design and horrible CGI and the overall story is VERY predictable. Most of the crap produced by HBO is like this.

Thanks man, sounds like I dodged a bullet there. No worries, I found this new show called Helix that sounds like it's going to be AMAZING.

i enjoy game of thrones, only way to decide is do you like lord of the rings & watch the pilot season 1 bearing in ind 4 seasons now, one persons snidy comment is not a good review, Helix pilot didnt catch my imagination being an x-files fan thought it would do. (but i may try again with helix)

20 million views for the first trailer on youtube disagree with you. That is by a country mile higher than any show. EVER.


LMAO, don't think he's on the same wave-length...

Epic fail.

Face palm

Twice on one comments page you've had people take your GOT popularity ridicule seriously.. I mean... this has got to stop.

Yes, if you can picture Frodo and Sam being killed in the first part, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf and Gimli in the second, and in the third the rest of the characters...

Wycombe, don't listen to him, he has a right to his opinion but has no right to tell you not to watch it.. Give it a chance, this show is honestly the best i've ever watched and I have been a fan of many shows, Lost, Prison Break, X-Files, Revolution, etc.
Game of Thrones is the best. It's addicting.

one of the best shows on TV.....average viewership is 14.7 mil......some of the best acting and character development set design CGI are some of the best ever......story telling and plots are top notch.....this show and the walking dead are 2 of the best written directed and acted shows ever......

14.7 mill average per episode.....those are massive numbers for a pay channel like HBO.....

Can someone please post a dictionary definition of sarcasm.

I don't think he's being sarcastic, and you know what, it sounds great. I'm going to sit the whole family down on Monday and get stuck in. There's no sex or nudity, profanity or excessive violence to worry about, right?

Please don't watch it with your kids, there is sex and/or nudity in almost every episode and some of the fight scenes might be a little too much for kids of a certain age. I would suggest watching it first, then you can judge for yourself if its something you'd like your family to watch or no.

Dont forget Boromir and Elrond give each other a semi-nude sensual massage, Galadriel has Pipin executed, and Minas Tirith has a brothel on every corner.

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