Game Of Thrones season 4 glimpse

Trailer Louisa Mellor
29 Jan 2014 - 06:58

Have you seen the brief glimpse of Game Of Thrones' fourth season that arrived a few days ago from HBO?

"The Starks are coming back stronger"

If you haven't already seen this wee glimpse of Game Of Thrones' fourth season, released by HBO to promote the behind-the-scenes featurette arriving on Sunday the 9th of February (just before The Walking Dead returns to AMC for the concluding half of its own season four), then it's worth a little look. 

Inside the thirty seconds is a glance at Dany-as-warrior-queen, Joffrey behaving badly, Tyrion, who has "never been faced with this much humiliation", the Stark kids and Jon Snow, as well as a host of new scene snippets. 

Winter Is Coming

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