First full trailer lands for Game Of Thrones season 4

Trailer Simon Brew 13 Jan 2014 - 06:23

Winter is coming (again)! HBO has released the full trailer for Game Of Thrones season 4, and you can watch it right here...

With a confirmed return date of April 6th, Game Of Thrones season 4 is edging ever closer. And HBO has now taken some of the wraps of it at least, with the release of the first full trailer for the show's new run. The new promo launched on Golden Globes night in the US, and we've got it for you right here.

We're figuring this is the bit where you don't need many more words from us, and you'd rather we just got out of the way and let you watch it. So without further ado, we shall do just that...

We'll have, as you might expect, a lot more on Game Of Thrones in the months ahead...

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just so they know, the expectation for episode 9 whatever it may be is very very high :-)


Expectations for every second are high!

Charles Dance's;last season - So Sad :(

Likelikelike! Bring it on

Ahhh it's good to be alive :)

This is going to be the best season yet, so many intriguing storylines!

Thanks for the spoiler muppet.

Anyone know what the music is? It's great!

yup and I'll just add I'm not trying to spoiler anything, it's just episode 9 has been the big episode in the past three seasons, don't know if it will this time but...

Do we really reckon that *that* event will happen as late as Episode 9? It didn't occur particularly late in A Storm of Swords Part 2, from what I can remember- if anything, I'd prefer that more than one episode was spent dealing with its monumental aftermath...

I'd like to know that too. Anyone?

The producers have stated the purple wedding will be earlier in the season than Episode 9. I think its a good idea, as another season which is structured around an episode 9 wedding fiasco would seem repetitive... an early shock will shake out the spiders webs.

Episode 2 or 4 I reckon. Normally 4 has a big ending, and with what happens after said event, it's probably about the right amount of time, but George rr. is writing 2, so maybe then. Great little shot of the viper vs the mountain in the trailer. Can. Not. Wait

I haven't read the books yet (just the first one) so don't know what events have happened, although I have heard of the one you are hinting at and some of what happens, which I was gutted about

Given how much of Tyrion, the red viper and the Mountain are shown it can only be that the Purple Wedding happens early. I think its likely that episode nine will be a battle one, much like series two. Episode ten will no doubt be dealing with the aftermath of the Viper. What I'm interested in is how they balance events in the capital with events at the Wall.

This series, in my opinion, should be the best one yet. However I say that with a tinge of sadness as, again in my opinion, the next one, where they start adapting AFFC, has the potential to be the worst.

I reckon series 5 could work out well with a LOT of 'loose' adaptation. Since AFFC and ADWD happen at the same time, obviously they'll play out the events onscreen at the same time. Since there's so much unnecessary flab in both books, I reckon it'd be a good idea to slim down both volumes into one season's worth of material, opposite to how the wealth of book 3 gave us 2 seasons of material.

That's a good point actually. Although the less of the kingsmoot the better. The only point I'd disagree on however is that they need to do at least 2 series with it, probably three to give GRRM the chance to write the books. Let's assume the WoW will come out in the next year or two and has 2 series worth in it, that gives GRRM about 5 years from now to finish the final book.

WIshful thinking I know, but I really hope they avoid the situation where the Tv series overtakes the books.

Is it wrong that I'm a little hard after watching that? ;)

Feral Love by Chelsea Wolfe

This thread is getting kinda spoilery

I was relieved to see Baelish in the clip there. Been looking forward to catching up with his plot thread again.

It's a good, but problematic point. I think, as far as storytelling goes, AFFC and ADWD could be compressed into one riveting and engaging series. But, as you say, that might lead to the show overtaking GRRM in terms of material available which means they'll be releasing stuff that hasn't yet been published which is undesirable.
So, logistically, it'd make sense to spend two or three series on AFFC and ADWD so Martin has the time to get a new volume out. But then the storytelling might suffer from lagging and stalling in the same way the books do. Like I said, there's a wealth of good stuff in ASOS which meant two series were justified, but I couldn't say the same for number 4 and 5...

Wow, didn't recognise Jaime for a good while there.

I expect they'll make two seasons out of AFFC and ADWD as there is a fair amount of narrative to cover, which will be a bit rushed in one season. Agree that three would be unecessary, as there is far too much padding. I do think they'll be a screenwriting nightmare, though, as not only will they have to unpick the structure of those two books to follow a more linnear narrative (a bit like Peter Jackson and co with Lord of the Rings) but there are also very few banner moments in those two books that you can hang an exciting episode around. Speaking for myself, I read ASOS a couple of years ago and still remember everything pretty clearly; I'd have to flick through AFFC again to even begin to remember what happened next. ADWD is a bit better (largely by virtue of having the better characters in it), but still not as punchy as the first three books. Still, very much looking forward to this season, as it promises to be a corker.

Where on Westeros has Aidan Gillen, gotten that accent from. He didn't used to sound that silly.
Otherwise loving this.

Thank you kind sir/m'am. :)


Few possible options...either way s'gonna be awesome.

Well enjoy it while you can, you never know with George R.R. Martin. ;-)

He looks a lot older than the fresh faced knight from season 1.

I am yet to find another internet-dweller who actually likes the Greyjoy plotline. It'll be instrumental later on I feel - I'm sticking with it.

No - that'll be episode 3 at the latest - huge amounts of plot follows that. Episode 9 will involve a large battle I suspect - another Blackwater

There is a major, expensive and FX heavy event that happens at about the right time for episode 9, it will not disappoint

So true, he does look like he could die any second

That was virtually exactly what I had reckoned upon, Mark, only a few commenters on this thread seemed adamant (not those who've replied to my post, for the record!) that Episode 9 was the established position of the fourth novel's Game-changing event. As a little bit of speculation, if we do place Joffrey and Margaery's wedding within Episode 3, then I'd imagine that Joffrey and Jamie's conversation on the won/lost war will occur in the season première, with further final preparations being made for the wedding in the second instalment.

Whenever the wedding does occur in the season, though, it'll need to be just as much of a primary focus as the Red Wedding was in Season 3 Episode 9, for reasons which will soon become apparent (I shan't spoil them here) to any readers who haven't looked ahead in the books already.


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