UPDATED: Game Of Thrones season 4 start date

News Louisa Mellor 10 Jan 2014 - 06:40

It's official: Game Of Thrones' fourth season will start on Sunday the 6th of April on HBO...

UPDATE: Sky Atlantic has confirmed that Game Of Thrones season four will start on Monday the 7th of April at 9pm, just 24 hours after the US debut.

Diaries/electronic personal organisers/mind palaces at the ready! Here's a date you're going to want to record: Sunday the 6th of April. That's when our US chums can sit down with a cup of Dornish wine* and enjoy Game Of Thrones' season four debut on HBO.

The news was confirmed by the cable and satellite network at yesterday's Television Critics Association.

A UK air date is yet to be announced, but if it follows last year's pattern, Sky subscribers can expect to wait only days before seeing the new episodes over here. We'll keep you posted. 

*hot Ribena

Take a look at some of the new faces joining Game Of Thrones for season four, here.


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Or *ahem* download if you're in Australia

I'm UK based, don't want to subscribe to Sky, don't want to pirate. What are my options?

Wait until Feb 2015 for the DVDs, most likely. Or maybe Blinkbox will use their entire budget for this year and sign the fourth series as well...

And they wonder why people pirate? /rolleyes

I know. It's been named the most pirated show of all time for a reason.

Jotted it down in my mind palace. It's a date. See you then Game of Thrones! Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna scream like a little girl and jump up and down on the bed for 15 minutes straight out fo pure joyous anticipation.

86 days form now!

Which is unfortunately what I have to do with ALL the shows since I live in Bahrain. But I get the DVDs when/if they come out. (Which costs me a fortune.) 101 problems of being a fangirl on a remote island.

Well for the third series I bought it from Blinkbox last July (6 weeks or so after the series ended) for £18, less £6 for the introductory offer so only £12 in fact.
I'm hoping to repeat this for the forth series.

It will air the day after on Sky Atlantic...

It seems pretty bonkers in this day and age to still expect people to subscribe to a whole package of channels in order to watch a single show. I watch very, very little TV - Mad Men, GoT, Community and maybe a handful of others, so have absolutely no need for Sky or cable. If I could buy each episode as it aired I would happily do so, but until then I'll continue to get it by other means, then buy the Blu Rays the following year to make up for it (I'm more than happy to throw money at this show).

Preaching to the choir. I understand that there are massive legal/business wranglings I can't even fathom that obstruct this BUT for shows like this with such loyal 'shut up and take my money'-type fanbases that are ALSO pretty good at finding the content if they can't get it by 'official' means you'd think that something could be worked out...

And will all apparently be available instantly on NowTV!

The only problem I have with that is what happens if Tesco ditch the service? Surely you would lose access to the 'boxset'? So in effect you are just long-term renting the series rather than owning it outright.
The same applies to game service such as Steam where you're effectively just renting the titles you pay for.

Make friends with your neighbours with Satellite dishes on their walls

Do what I do. Pirate and pre-order the DVDs - guilt free, its just time shifting

Worth pointing out that there is a benefit of having to wait so long for the home release, and that's the incredible extras on the discs - which obviously take a lot of time to put together, and is something I wouldn't want to miss out on. I especially like the narrated animatics that fill in backstory for the key characters and give the events of the season more context.

A fair solution would be to allow people who (like me) are happy to hand over the £30 upfront to pre-order the DVDs/Blu Rays to stream or download digital episodes as they air - that way they have paid upfront, maybe with a reduced 'season pass' fee for those that just want the episodes.

I guess licensing and business model issues would prevent them from doing this for the time being, though.

Yeah, that would be a good idea.

I personally wouldn't be able to wait, I'd get spoiled and like checking out reviews and internet discussions after the episodes air.

Now tv will be showing series 4 of GOT . No sub, fiver a month. Or just torrent it I guess...

Gah.. Stupid sausage fingers.. See reply above.. Now TV..fiver a month. No sub.

I'm a UK based Virgin subscriber. Totally happy to pay for HBO programming. But Sky won't allow me to do so. I'm the proud owner of all of the Blu-ray box-sets, bought new and full-price at release.. But seriously, you gotta wonder when content providers will get serious about addressing piracy. Government shouldn't allow us to be criminalised whilst companies like SKY insist on bundling £100 p/m worth of crap with the one show i want to buy. (Before some Murdoch fanboy starts arguing that Sky have the right to withhold channels, they don't and they aren't supposed too. This is why they "pretend" it's a cost issue and that virgin won't pay.)

But they know they can charge you twice for the same thing. You aren't allowed to own it until they have milked it for as much as they can with broadcast providers.

This is where the piracy thing gets so frustrating!

Set a fare price, make it universally available and end piracy.

Yeah, frankly in this day and age, what with social media and instant access (where each and every episode of a show like GoT is a full-blown, cross-media cultural and social event) it's unreasonable to expect people to have to wait more than 24 hours to join the party, and its frustrating that media companies still try to engineer artificial scarcity of their product.

I hope that doesn't sound entitled - as I say I'd be more than happy to pay my fair share. It's even crazier with stuff like Community - I'd happily slap down hard cash right now for season 5, season 6 etc, but Community ISN'T EVEN ON TELLY IN THE UK (except maybe tucked away on some obscure digital channel no one watches), let alone DVD any time soon. It seems crazy to me.

Obviously they're clinging on to the old business models as they don't see a viable alternative, which I suppose is fair enough, for now. I just hope they can come up with a formula that works and amazing things like Game of Thrones still get made in a world where almost everyone expects everything for free.

stop being stupid and use google to stream it

Which bit of "I don't want to pirate" did you have difficulty following troll?

Blinkbox is an option, you can download at a fee per episode from the 13th April 2014. Might even be able to buy the complete season from the 13th April 2014

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