The very brief tease for Game Of Thrones season 4

Trailer Louisa Mellor 16 Dec 2013 - 17:53
Game Of Thrones

Nestled inside HBO's end of year trailer are almost 7 seconds of new Game Of Thrones footage...

At just seven seconds long, this glimpse of Game Of Thrones' fourth season tucked away inside HBO's end-of-year promo is barely a teaser, but as the first footage of the new series, we lay it at your feet. 

It shows a touch of Tyrion, a jot of Joffrey, what could possibly be a pinch of Prince Oberon Martell [update: it's not, it's Jamie Lannister, with thanks to Ben Jones in the comments section], and a soupcon of Sansa, standing in what looks like the Tron grid (well, the show has been getting further away from the books as it goes on...).

For the purposes of context, here's the HBO round-up in full, containing moments from the wonderful Boardwalk Empire, Veep, True Blood, Girls and more: 

Game Of Thrones season four starts in Spring 2014.


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oh if only we get HBO in the UK

We get Sky Atlantic, which has all of these shows except True Blood, which is on FOX.

Don't worry about. Try EZTV instead.

oh is this true? I get Sky Atlantic..can't wait to watch a few of these shows..thanks

HBO does it right, doesn't it?

I believe that's a shot Jamie after Joffrey, unfortunately debearded but he does appear to be missing a hand and reading from the Kingsguard book

It is true. it's actually the point of Sky Atlantic as a channel, BSkyB signed a deal with HBO that they'd get all of their new shows.

Actually, there is a shot of what appears to be Oberyn Martell, on the white horse.

I just assumed from the order they listed characters in the description that they meant Oberyn followed Joffrey.

I want there to be more opportunities to say "a soupçon of Sansa"

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