More new footage in Game Of Thrones season 3 trailer

Trailer Louisa Mellor 18 Mar 2013 - 11:15

The publicity wheels are turning at full pelt for the new Game of Thrones season. Here's the latest trailer, feat. brand new footage...

"Great or small, we must do our duty"

We had a new teaser just this weekend, and now a fuller trailer has arrived online. Enjoy our first in-action peek at Dame Diana Rigg as Lady Olenna Tyrell, along with more from Dany, Tyrion, Joffrey, Robb and pals.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday the 31st of March, and to Sky Atlantic on Monday the 1st of April.


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Stop releasing trailers, start releasing the show earlier on UK TV networks and on DVD.

Though tbf, aside from the slightly weird music choice, this looks awesome.

Its from the Tron Legacy OST If you like it...though it is a weird choice for Game of Thrones... I kind of liked Florence for Series 2

who gets the job of pushing Joffery under a bus?

No you're mistaken that's "Monty Python and the Game of Thrones"

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