Charles Dance accidentally confirms Game Of Thrones season 4

News Louisa Mellor 4 Mar 2013 - 06:15

Promoting the Game Of Thrones season 2 DVD, Charles Dance let slip that the scripts may be written for the as-yet unconfirmed season four…

Thanks to the complex system of whispers, nods and embargoes through which the entertainment press functions, we’re often forced to collude in shared delusions. No, that actor hasn’t left a show under a cloud (we’re saying nothing), no, those classic monsters won’t be turning up in Doctor Who (at least, until the press release announces it), and yes, that programme may well make it to another series (even though it was cancelled before episode one aired).

One such folie à plusieurs is the non-existence of Game Of Thrones’ fourth season, which, we’re compelled to remind you, has not yet been confirmed by HBO.

Got that? Officially, as the situation stands, Game Of Thrones still might not continue to a fourth season. HBO hasn’t announced that it will, which means it definitely isn’t the case that of course it absolutely bloody well will and everyone knows it. Just to be completely clear, the most successful, expensive, hyped, and critically acclaimed fantasy drama there is, which has the source material to endure indefinitely and enough die-hard fans to outnumber all the slaves in Astapor, might not be commissioned for a fourth season. We just don’t know. It hasn’t been confirmed.

Except that now, thanks to the wonderful Charles Dance, it sort of has.

On the press circuit for the season two DVD release, Dance, who plays Game Of Thrones’ villainous patriarch Tywin Lannister, revealed that he’s off to film the fourth season later this year, with six of the scripts he’ll be working from seemingly already written.

Sandwiched between heart-felt praise for the talents of writer/director duo DB Weiss and David Benioff were these words from Mr Dance:

We’re about to start season four aren’t we? This year. We get scripts pretty early on, much earlier on than in similar series, usually you get perhaps one episode and you just have to trust that what’s going to come in subsequent episodes is going to be as good as the one you’ve got, but in this I think there are six scripts already written, and we will probably be able to see them with more than adequate time to prepare before we start shooting.

Entertainingly, as soon as the words "season four" left Charles Dance's mouth, the panel moderator signalled his panic with a few swift knocks to the table top, a message Dance happily talked though. At the end of the junket, a representative from HBO came in to remind us all of the fact that season four has not been officially green-lit.

Those six scripts? They don’t exist. We hope that's clear.

Game Of Thrones season two is available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK as of today, Monday the 4th of March.

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Good news for a Monday morning :)

If they are already preparing for it and moving on it, what could possibly stop it from happening?

Are they just being ultra cautious in case the ratings bomb for some reason and they can pull out without having publicly committed?

What was all the press attention about the other week then with GRRM getting an extended contract if there weren't going to be more seasons?

HBO are probably holding off official announcements for corporate reasons, either negotiating better advertising revenue during the show or for better financial budgets from backers. Not commissioning a 4th, 5th or even 6th series would be a similar spectacularly bad decision as Decca not signing the Beatles in 1962.

I seem to recall an interview from earlier this year where Charles said he'd filmed his own Death scene. Clearly that wasn't the case!

The show is so popular i never thought it could get canceled (although it is expensive), but is always good to have confirmation.

This is not news. They've done exactly the same thing for each of the previous seasons and they also did it after the pilot was made but before the series was commissioned. The schedule for THRONES is so tight that they HAVE to start pre-production on the next season before it's been formally commissioned. I call this being 'amber-lit' (as opposed to greenlit). They write scripts and start doing other things - maybe some location scouting and contract negotiations - but can't pull the trigger on them until the formal greenlight is given in April or May. Then they can confirm everything to start shooting in June or July.

This does not mean the next season is 100% confirmed. The 'amber-lit' period costs relatively little compared to the $70 million-odd budget of actual production of a season. If they decided to cancel, they would and write off the money already spent on the new season.

Of course, the chances of there not being a Season 4 are extremely unlikely. The DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download sales for Season 2 are the fastest-selling in HBO's history (breaking the previous record...set by Season 1). Each season makes back more than 50% of its budget each year by foreign sales alone (meaning that GoT is currently effectively costing HBO less per year than THE WIRE, a show which was nowhere near as popular). The viewing figures are increasing year by year. The buzz is huge. So yeah, HBO are 99% likely going to commission Season 4. But it's not a fully done deal year.

Agreed. This is NOT news.

Clearly not the case! He could not film "his own Death scene" but he could film the death scene of a character he is portraying (in the medium of either film or tv)

not news perhaps - how could they NOT go forth with season 4? - but it's pleasant information to be sure.

The Titanic sinks, Lincoln is shot and killed in the end and every upcoming Adam Sandler movie will suck.

He didn't say that. He said he was looking forward to his death scene, which readers on the street told him about.

so basically we'll get the announcement of season 4 being a go the day after the season 3 premiere airs...which coincidently will be on April 1st...oh HBO

No surprise. Especially as season 4 is part 2 of book 3 pretty much. They needed to know what they were going to cover in each series.

I don't understand this, because his character dies in the third book, so it doesn't make sense.

In other news, water is wet

The storyline of Book 3 is being split over Seasons 3 and 4. The scene you refer to is right at the end of Book 3, so will definitely not be appearing until Season 4.

Oh come on! Nothing happens "accidentally" ;)

In other news, Sun rises in the east.

he can so film his own death scene. just set up a camera and shoot himself.

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